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The Mel-Tones with Orchestra : Mel Torme, The Mel-Tones (vcl) [ Les Baxter, Betty Beveridge, Ginny O'Connor, Bernie Parke (vcl) ] other personnel unknown

Hollywood, CA, c. 1944

Where or when                                                                   Jewel 4000, Rhino R2-71589 [CD]


Mel Torme and his Mel-Tones : Mel Torme, The Mel-Tones (vcl) [ Les Baxter, Betty Beveridge, Ginny O'Connor, Bernie Parke (vcl) ] acc by p, g, b and d

Los Angeles, October 5, 1944

L3636-A                A stranger in town (*)                                                          De 18653, Coral 60071, Br (E)03831

L3637-A                You've laughed at me for the last time                                       -                    -               -



Mel Torme acc by Bob Burns Orchestra : no details except Mel Torme (vcl)

Los Angeles, 1945

Juanita                                                                                 Biac (B)BRAD10528/529

Straighten up and fly  right                                                           -



Mel Torme & His Mel-Tones : Mel Torme (vcl) acc by the Mel-Tones (vcl group), rest unknown

Los Angeles, March 23, 1945

L3758                     Night must fall                                                                     Decca 7

L3759                     I'm down to my last dream                                                            -



Mel Torme & his Meltones  with Eugenie Baird : Mel Torme, The Mel-Tones, Eugenie Baird (vcl) with unknown acc

Los Angeles, April 27, 1945

L3817-A                Am I blue ?                                                                         Decca 18707

L3818-A                I fall in love too easily             


Mel Torme, The Mel-Tones & Bing Crosby : Mel Torme, The Mel-Tones (vcl) : Les Baxter, Betty Beveridge, Ginny O'Connor, Bernie Parke, Bing Crosby (vcl) acc by Buddy

Cole (p) Dave Barbour (g) Phil Stephens (b) Nick Fatool (d)

Hollywood, CA, September 13, 1945

L3965                      Day by day                                Decca 18746, Rhino R2-71589 [CD]

L3966                      Prove it by the things you do                                                           -



Mel Torme acc by John Scott Trotter Orchestra : no details except Mel Torme (vcl)

Los Angeles, early 1946

St. Louis blues                                                            Biac (B)BRAD10528/529

On the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe                                         -

East side, west side                                                                     -



Mel Torme & The Mel-Tones with Sonny Burke & His Orchestra : Mel Torme (vcl) The Mel-Tones (vcl group) : Les Baxter, Betty Beveridge, Ginny O'Connor, Bernie Parke

(vcl) acc by Charles Grifford, Clyde Hurley, Mannie Klein, Ray Linn (tp) William Atkinson, Joe Howard, Les Jenkins, Si Zentner (tb) Mahlon Clark, Jack Dumont, Deacon Dunn,

Chuck Gentry, Don Raffell (woodwinds) Ann Mason (harp) Milt Raskin (p,celeste) Al Hendrickson (g) Phil Stephens (b) Nick Fatool (d) Sonny Burke (ldr,arr)

Hollywood, CA, March 19, 1946

5427                        There's no one but you                                                         Musicraft 363, MVS510, MVSCD-60 [CD], Rhino

6278422 [CD]

5428                        Willow road                                                                         Musicraft 363, Musicana (Can)15083, Musicraft

MVS510, MVSCD-60 [CD], Rhino R2-71589 [CD],

6278422 [CD]

5429                        That's where I came in                                                         Musicraft 15111, MVS510, MVSCD-54 [CD]


Mel Torme with Sonny Burke and his Orchestra : Mel Torme (vcl) acc by Clyde Hurley, Ray Linn, George Wendt, Rubin Zarchy (tp) Joe Howard, Ed Kusby, Elmer Smithers, Si

Zentner (tb) Chuck Gentry, Arthur "Skeets" Herfurt, Harry Klee, Don Raffell, Babe Russin (saxes) Gail Laughton (harp) Milt Raskin (p) Al Hendrickson (g) Phil Stephens (b) Nick

Fatool (d) Sonny Burke (ldr,arr)

Hollywood, CA, June 4, 1946

5509                        South America, take it away                                                 Musicraft 381, MVS510, MVSCD-60 [CD], Rhino

6278422 [CD]

5510                        Try a little tenderness                                                           Musicraft 381, Musicana (Can)15083, Musicraft

MVS510, MVSCD-60 [CD], Rhino 6278422 [CD]

5511                        It happened in Monterey                                                       Musicraft 397, Musicana (Can)15087, Musicraft

MVS510, MVSCD-54 [CD], Rhino 6278422 [CD]

5512                        Born to be blue                                                                    Musicraft 397, MVS510, Rhino R2-71589 [CD],

6278422 [CD]



Mel Torme with Ray Linn's Orchestra : Mel Torme (vcl) acc by orchestra, Ray Linn (tp,ldr) rest unknown

Hollywood, CA, October 18, 1946

5800                        One for my baby                                                                  Musicraft 15107, Musicana (Can)15098

5801                        A little kiss each morning (*)                                                 Musicraft 15107, MVS2005, MGM K9, E552, (E)EP591,

Musicraft MVSCD-60 [CD]

5802                        Dream awhile                                                                       Musicraft 15099, MVS510, MGM 10844, (E)EP562,

Rhino 6278422 [CD]

5803                        There's no business like show business                                  Musicraft 15099, 15111, MVS510, MGM 10730, (E)922,

45MGM922, Musicana (Can)15098, Lion L70058,

Musicraft MVSCD-54 [CD]



Mel Torme with Sonny Burke and his Orchestra : Mel Torme (vcl) acc by Sonny Burke (ldr) Ray Linn (tp) Si Zentner (tb) Arthur "Skeets" Herfurt, Harry Klee, Bob Lawson,

Don Raffell, Babe Russin (woodwinds) Dodo Marmarosa (p,celeste) Ed Bergman, Harry Bluestone, Walter Edelstein, Jacques Gasselin, Anthony Olson, Nick Pisani, Felix Slatkin,

Olcott Vail (vln) Gail Laughton (harp) Dave Barbour (g) Louis Popp (b) Nick Fatool (d)

Hollywood, CA, November 29, 1946

5805                        It's dreamtime                                                                      Musicraft 15102, MVS508, MVSCD-54 [CD], Rhino

R2-71589 [CD], 6278422 [CD]

5806                        You're driving me crazy                                                        Musicraft 15102, Musicana (Can)15087, Musicraft

MVS2000, MVSCD-54 [CD], Rhino 6278422 [CD]

5807                        Who cares what people say                                                  Musicraft 15104, MVS2000, MVSCD-54 [CD], Rhino

6278422 [CD]

5808                        I'm yours                                                                             Musicraft 15104, MVS2000, MGM (E)EP562, Musicraft

MVSCD-54 [CD], Rhino 6278422 [CD]



Mel Torme with Walter Gross & his Orchestra : Mel Torme (vcl) acc by orchestra, Walter Gross (ldr,p) rest unknown

Hollywood, CA, 1947

5879                        Kokomo, Indiana                                                                  Musicraft 15109, MVS508, MVSCD-54 [CD]

5880                        How long has this been going on ?                                                       -           , MVS2005, MVSCD-60 [CD]

5881                        Boulevard of memories                                                                        15114, MVS508

It's easy to remember                                                           Musicraft MVS2005, MVSCD-60 [CD]


Mel Torme and the Page Cavanaugh Trio : Mel Torme (vcl) Page Cavanaugh (p) prob. Al Viola (g) Lloyd Pratt (b)

MacGregor transcriptions, Los Angeles, 1946-47

How are things in Glocca Morra ?                                         Glendale GL6007

April showers                                                                                    GL6018

April in Paris                                                                                     GL6007

This can't be love                                                                               GL6018

Isn't it a lovely day ?                                                                          GL6007

September song                                                                                 GL6018

County fair                                                                                        GL6018

Whoopee                                                                             (unissued)

You're the cream in my coffee                                                      -

A stranger in town                                                               Glendale GL6007

I can't get started                                                                              -

They didn't believe me                                                                        GL6018

They can't take it away from me                                                        -

You oughta be in pictures                                                     (unissued)

My funny valentine                                                               Glendale GL6018

Country boy                                                                                       GL6007

How long has this been going on ?                                                     -

How high the moon                                                              (unissued)

The best things in life are free                                               Glendale GL6018


Mel Torme acc by Dave Barbour Four : Mel Torme (vcl) acc by Buddy Cole (p) Dave Barbour (g) unknown (b) and (harp)

MacGregor transcriptions, Los Angeles, 1947

It's easy to remember                                                           Glendale GL6018

I cover the waterfront                                                          Glendale GL6007, LaserLight 15 381 [CD]

The blues                                                                                          -

Gone with the wind                                                                            -                            -

When it's sleepy time down south                                                        -

A cottage for sale                                                                              -                            -

Love me or leave me                                                                           GL6018,                - , Rhino R2-71589 [CD]

Don't take your love from me                                                             -                            -

Blues in the night                                                                               -

Three little words                                                                 Rhino R2-71589 [CD]



Mel Torme with Page Cavanaugh Trio : Mel Torme (vcl) acc by unknown (harp) and      g prob pers : Page Cavanaugh (p) Al Viola (g) Lloyd Pratt (b)

Hollywood, CA, 1947

5886                        I can't give you anything but love                                           Musicraft 528, MGM K79, E552, (E)922, Musicraft

MVS2000, MVSCD-60 [CD]

5887                        Three little words                                                                 Musicraft 528, MVS508, MVSCD-60 [CD]

5888                        And Mimi                                                                            Musicraft 15114, MVS2005

5889                        My baby just cares for me                                                    Musicraft 589, MVS2000, MVSCD-54 [CD]

5890                        I'll always be in love with you                                                Musicraft 529, Musicana (Can)15044, Musicraft


5892                        Love you funny thing                                                            Musicraft 529, Musicana (Can)15044, MGM K79, E552,

45MGM922, Musicraft MVS2000

5893                        The day you came along                                                       Musicraft 530, Musicana (Can)15045, Musicraft


5894                        The best things in life are free                                               Musicraft 15118, MGM K79, E552, (E)EP591,

Musicraft MVS2005, MVSCD-60 [CD]

5895                        What are you doing New Year's Eve ?                                  Musicraft 15116, MVS2005

5896                        Ballerina                                                                                            -             -

5898                        Magic town                                                                         Musicraft 15118, Musicana (Can)15007, Musicraft


5899                        If I had a girl like you                                                           Musicraft 573, MVS2000

5900                        Fine and dandy                                                                                    530, Musicana (Can)15045, Musicraft


Mel Torme with Hal Mooney & His Orchestra : Mel Torme (vcl) acc by Ed Kusby (tb) Milt Raskin (p,celeste) Arthur "Skeets" Herfurt, Harry Klee, Bob Lawson, Babe Russin

(woodwinds) Harry Bluestone, Felix Slatkin, Marshall Sosson, Olcott Vail (vln) Paul Robyn (viola) Eleanor Slatkin (cello) Gail Laughton (harp) Vito Mumulo (g) Phil Stephens (b) Nick

Fatool (d) Harold "Hal" Mooney (ldr,arr)

Hollywood, CA, November 14, 1947

5970                        Until the real thing comes along                                             Musicraft MVS508, Edgmont (E)EGM8119, MGM 10874,


5971                        But beautiful                                                                        Musicraft 538, Musicana (Can)15019, Musicraft

MVS508, MVSCD-54 [CD]


same pers

Hollywood, CA, November 15, 1947

5975  Gone with the wind      Musicraft 558, Musicana (Can)15039, MGM 10584,

Musicraft MVS2005, Rhino R2-71589 [CD]


Mel Torme with Hal Mooney & His Orchestra :                                                                                                                                                                           er, Si

Zentner (tb) Jack Dumont, Arthur "Skeets" Herfurt, Harry Klee, Bob Lawson, Don Raffell, Babe Russin (woodwinds) Milt Raskin (p) Harry Bluestone, David Frisina, Erno Neufeld,

Mischa Russell, Felix Slatkin, Marshall Sosson, Olcott Vail (vln) Paul Robyn, David Sterkin (viola) Cy Bernard, Eleanor Slatkin (cello) Gail Laughton (harp) Al Hendrickson (g) Artie

Shapiro, Phil Stephens (b) Nick Fatool (d) Harold "Hal" Mooney (ldr)

Hollywood, CA, November 16, 1947

5977                        I cover the waterfront                                                          Musicraft 5009, MGM K79, E552, Musicraft

MVS508, MVSCD-60 [CD]

5978                        County fair                                                                          Musicraft 5009, MGM K79, E552, Metro M/MS532,

Musicraft MVS508, MVSCD-60 [CD], Rhino R2-71589


5979                        A foggy day                                                                         Musicraft 589, MGM 10874, Musicraft MVS508,


5980                        Makin' whoopee                                                                   Musicraft 534, Musicana (Can)15035, MGM 10844,

(E)EP591, Musicraft MVS508, MVSCD-54 [CD],

Rhino R2-71589 [CD]

5981                        Little white lies                                                                     Musicraft 558, Musicana (Can)15039, MGM K79, E552,

(E)EP591, Musicraft MVS2000, MVSCD-60 [CD]

5982                        Do it again                                                                           Musicraft 534, Par (E)R3138, Musicana (Can)15035,

Musicraft MVS508, MVSCD-54 [CD]

5983                        Night and day                                                                      Musicraft 538, Musicana (Can)15019, Musicraft

MVS510, MVSCD-54 [CD], Rhino R2-71589 [CD]



prob same or similar pers

Hollywood, CA, November, 1947

When is sometime ?                                                             Musicraft MVS2005, MVSCD-60 [CD]

Love is the sweetest thing                                                     Musicraft MVS2000, MVSCD-60 [CD]

With you                                                                              Musicraft MVS508, MVSCD-54 [CD]


Mel Torme acc by Page Cavanaugh Trio : Mel Torme (vcl) Page Cavanaugh (p) prob. Al Viola (g) prob. Lloyd Pratt (b)

MacGregor transcriptions, Los Angeles, 1948-49

A stranger in town                                                               Glendale GL6007

I can't get started                                                                             -

They didn't believe me                                                          (unissued)

They can't take that away from me                                              -

You oughta be in pictures                                                            -



Mel Torme (vcl) with same acc

MacGregor transcriptions, Los Angeles, 1948-49

Isn't it a lovely day ?                                                             Glendale GL6007

When it's sleepy time down south                                                       -

I cover the waterfront                                                                       -

Country boy                                                                                      -

How are things in Glocca Morra ?                                                     -

The blues                                                                                         -

April in Paris                                                                                    -

How long has this been going on ?                                                     -

A cottage for sale                                                                             -

Gone with the wind                                                                           -



Mel Torme Live : Mel Torme (vcl) acc by orchestra, Janet Waldo, Barbara Eiler, Sydney Miller (vcl) The Mel Tones : Virginia Maxey, Bernie Parke, Les Baxter, Diz Disruhd,

Ralph Brewster (vcl) Dean Elliott (cond)

Broadcast "The Mel Torme Show", Los Angeles, July 6, 1948

You're driving me crazy                                                        Sounds Great SG5006, Mr. Music MMCD-7005 [CD]

Geometric blues [Pythagorus how you stagger us *] (mt vcl)

It's dark on observatory hill                                                       -                         -

Hooray for love   w vcl)                                                       Mr. Music MMCD-7006 [CD]


same pers

Broadcast "The Mel Torme Show", Los Angeles, July 13, 1948

The French lesson (be vcl)                                                    Sounds Great SG5006, Mr. Music MMCD-7005 [CD]

You're the cream in my coffee (mt vcl)                                         -                         -

Fine and dandy                                                                     Sounds Great SG5012, Mr. Music MMCD-7006 [CD]

It's magic                                                                             Mr. Music MMCD-7006 [CD]



same pers

Broadcast "The Mel Torme Show", Los Angeles, August 10, 1948

That old black magic                                                            Mr. Music MMCD-7005 [CD]

When the red, red robin comes bob, bob, bobbin' along

Sounds Great SG5006, Mr. Music MMCD-7005 [CD]

Friendship (sm vcl)                                                               Mr. Music MMCD-7006 [CD]



same pers

Broadcast "The Mel Torme Show", Los Angeles, August 17, 1948

Maybe you'll be there                                                           Mr. Music MMCD-7005 [CD]

Brahm's lullaby                                                                    Sounds Great SG5006, Mr. Music MMCD-7005 [CD]

It's the sentimental thing to do                                               Sounds Great SG5012, Mr. Music MMCD-7006 [CD]

Wrap your troubles in dreams                                                  -                            -

Back in your own backyard (mt vcl)                                                          -                            -



same pers

Broadcast "The Mel Torme Show", Los Angeles, August 24, 1948

Fairmont college [Dear old Fairmont *] (mt vcl)                     Sounds Great SG5006 *, Mr. Music MMCD-7005 [CD]

Blues in the night                                                                  Mr. Music MMCD-7006 [CD]

Fairmont college [Dear old Fairmont *] (reprise) (mt vcl)

Sounds Great SG5006 *, Mr. Music MMCD-7006 [CD



same pers

Broadcast "The Mel Torme Show", Los Angeles, August 31, 1948

Mountain greenery   w vcl)                                                   Mr. Music MMCD-7005 [CD]

Wish I may, wish I might                                                      Sounds Great SG5006, Mr. Music MMCD-7005 [CD]

Lover's delight [Malt shop special *] (mt vcl)                         Sounds Great SG5006 *, Mr. Music MMCD-7006 [CD



same pers

Broadcast "The Mel Torme Show", Los Angeles, September 7, 1948

I've got the sun in the morning (mt vcl)                                  Sounds Great SG5006, Mr. Music MMCD-7005 [CD]

Get out and get under                                                           Sounds Great SG5012, Mr. Music MMCD-7006 [CD]

This is the moment                                                               Mr. Music MMCD-7006 [CD



same pers

Broadcast "The Mel Torme Show", Los Angeles, September 14, 1948

It's a most unusual day (mt vcl)                                             Sounds Great SG5006, Mr. Music MMCD-7005 [CD]

I gotta right to sing the blues                                                 Mr. Music MMCD-7005 [CD]

Isn't it romantic ?   w vcl)                                                     Sounds Great SG5012, Mr. Music MMCD-7006 [CD]


same pers

Broadcast "The Mel Torme Show", Los Angeles, September 21, 1948

Everything happens to me                                                     Sounds Great SG5006, Mr. Music MMCD-7005 [CD]

What is this thing called love ? (mt vcl)                                  Sounds Great SG5012, Mr. Music MMCD-7006 [CD]

Let's fall in love                                                                                       -                            -



same pers

Broadcast "The Mel Torme Show", Los Angeles, September 28, 1948

The money song                                                                   Sounds Great SG5012, Mr. Music MMCD-7006 [CD]

Ah, but it happens                                                                                    -                            -

A fine romance                                                                                        -                            -



same pers

Broadcast "The Mel Torme Show", Los Angeles, October 5, 1948

Here I'll stay                                                                        Mr. Music MMCD-7005 [CD]

I get along without you very well                                           Sounds Great SG5012, Mr. Music MMCD-7006 [CD]

How high the moon                                                                                  -                            -                            ,

Rhino R2-71589 [CD



same pers

Broadcast "The Mel Torme Show", Los Angeles, October 12, 1948

You're the top   w vcl)                                                          Sounds Great SG5006, Mr. Music MMCD-7005 [CD]

On a slow boat to China                                                                           -                            -


Mel Torme acc by Sonny Burke and his Orchestra : Mel Torme (vcl) acc by Ziggy Elman, Paul Geil, Ray Linn, George Seaburg (tp) Walter Ben

Zentner (tb) Arthur "Skeets" Herfurt, Harry Klee, Bob Lawson, Don Raffell, Babe Russin (saxes) Walter Weschler (p) Barney Kessel (g) Larry Bree

Burke (ldr,arr)

Hollywood, CA, January 13, 1949

3866-4                     Do-do-do                                                                             Cap 1177, (E)CL13448, Cap 99426-2 [CD],

(E)CDIMS1447 [CD]

3866                        Do-do-do                                                                             Blue Note CDP0777-7-80506-2 9 [CD], Capitol

CDP0777-7-89941-2 [CD]



same pers

Hollywood, CA, January 17, 1949

3868-2                     She's a home girl                                                                  Cap 15379

3869-4                     There isn't any special reason                                                      57-591

3870-2                     Careless hands                                                                           15379, Rhino R2-71589 [CD], Capitol

CDP0777-7-89941-2 [CD]

3872-5                     You're getting to be a habit with me                                      Cap 57-591, 1402, CDP0777-7-89941-2 [CD],

99426-2 [CD]

Stompin' at the Savoy                                                           Capitol CDP70777-7-89941-2 [CD]



Mel Torme acc by Pete Rugolo Orchestra : Mel Torme (vcl) acc by orchestra, Pete Rugolo (dir)

poss. New York, February 21, 1949

3411-4                     Blue moon                                                                           Cap 15428, Rhino R2-71589 [CD], Capitol

99426-2 [CD], (E)CDIMS1447 [CD], Capitol

CDP0777-7-89941-2 [CD]



same pers.

poss. New York, February 22, 1949

3412-3                     Again                                                                                 Cap 15428, Rhino R2-71589 [CD], Capitol

CDP7243-8-29385-2-1 [CD], 99426-2 [CD],

(E)CDIMS1447 [CD]


Mel Torme with Frank DeVol & His Orchestra : Mel Torme (vcl) acc by Ray Linn, Uan Rasey, Joe Triscari (tp) Joe Howard, Pullman "Tommy" Pederson, Collen Satterwhite

(tb) Huntington Burdick (      Arthur "Skeets" Herfurt, Jerome Kasper, Jules Kinsler, Roland Pirozzi, Ernest Romersa (woodwinds) June Weiland (harp) Arnold Ross (celeste) Barney

Kessel (g) Harry Babasin (b) Milt Holland (bgo,gong) unknown (vcl) group, Frank DeVol (ldr,arr)

New York, May 21, 1949

4476-3                     The four winds and the seven seas                                        Cap 57-671, Rhino R2-71589 [CD], Capitol

99426-2 [CD], (E)CDIMS1447 [CD]

4477-2                     It's too late now                                                                   Cap 57-671, CDP0777-7-89941-2 [CD], 99426-2 [CD],

(E)CDIMS1447 [CD]



Mel Torme acc by Frank De Vol Orchestra : Mel Torme (vcl) acc by pers. incl. Arnold Ross (p) Barney Kessel (g)

Los Angeles, August 26, 1949

4916-5                     The meadows of heaven                                                       Cap 57-743

4917-4                     Sonny boy                                                                                  -         , CDP0777-7-89941-2-1 [CD]

4918-8                     Oh, you beautiful doll                                                                   57-751, (E)13292, Cap CDP0777-7-89941-2-1 [CD]

99426-2 [CD], (E)CDIMS1447 [CD]

4919-4                     There's a broken heart for every light on Broadway               Cap  57-751, (E)13292

The blossom on the bough                                                     Cap  57-775

Don't do something   to someone else                                            -


California suite : Mel Torme & The Mel Tones with Orchestra conducted by Hal Mooney : Mel Torme (vcl) acc by Uan Rasey, Joe Triscari, Conrad Gozzo, George

Seaburg (tp) Si Zentner, Ed Kusby, Joe Howard (tb) Arthur "Skeets" Herfurt (cl,as) Jules Kinsler, Jules Jacobs, Bob Lawson (as,ts) Chuck Gentry (bar) Ralph Hansell (vib,xyl) Buddy

Neal (p) Allen Reuss (g) Phil Stephens (b) Irv Cottler (d) Mel Torme, The Mel-Tones (vcl) [ Les Baxter, Loulie Jean Norman, Ginny O'Connor, Bernie Parke (vcl) ] Jud Conlon

Rhythmaires, The Starlighters, Peggy Lee (vcl) [as Susan Melton (vcl) ] Harold "Hal" Mooney (arr,cond) Dick Jones, Paul Villepique, Neal Hefti, Billy May (arr)

Hollywood, CA, November 11, 1949

California suite                                                                     Cap P200, Discovery DS910

Mountain desert theme                                                       -                        -

We think the West Coast is the best coast in the land

The Miami waltz                                                                -                        -

They go to San Diego                                                         -                        -

Sunday night in San Fernando                                             -                        -

Got the gate on the Golden Gate                                          -                        -           , Rhino R2-71589 [CD]

Prelude to "Poor little extra girl"                                          -                        -

Poor little extra girl                                                                     -                        -

We think the West Coast is the best coast in the land           -                        -

(reprise)                                                                      -                        -

Mountain desert theme (finale)                                            -                        -



Mel Torme (vcl) acc by poss similar pers

Hollywood, CA, November 16, 1949

5217                        Bless you                                                                             Cap 791, (E)CL13241

5218                        The old master painter                                                          Cap 791, (E)CL13241, Cap 99426-2 [CD],

(E)CDIMS1447 [CD



Mel Torme with Orchestra conducted by Harold Mooney : Mel Torme voc acc by Una Rasey,Joe Triscari,Rubin Zarchy,Carol Loeffler , Bill Schaefer, Si Zentner (tb) Gus

Bivona, Mort Friedman, Alex Gershunoff, Harry Schuchman (saxes) Milt Raskin (p) George Van Eps (g) John Ryan (b) Alvin Stoller (d) Harold "Hal" Mooney (ldr)

Hollywood, CA, December 19, 1949

5324                        I hadn't anyone till you                                                          Cap 800, CDP0777-7-89941-2 [CD], 99426-2 [CD],

(E)CDIMS1447 [CD]

5327                        Cross your heart                                                                  Cap 800, Rhino R2-71589 [CD]

Mel Torme acc by Pete Rugolo's Orchestra : Mel Torme (vcl) acc by Louis Mucci, Tony Faso (tp) Kai Winding (tb) Al Richman (      Sid Cooper, Milt Yaner, Eddie Brown,

Mannie Thaler (reeds) Leo Kruczek, Morris Le   owitz, Lew Stone, Stan Karpenia, George Zorning, Phil Soloman, Ray Sabinsky, Tom Alonje, Maurice Brown, Sandor Szatmery

(strings) Teddy Napoleon (p) Barry Galbraith (g) Eddie Safranski (b) Mel Zelnick (d) Dave Lambert Singers (vcl) Pete Rugolo (ldr)

New York, April 3, 1950

5707                        Skylark                                                                                Cap 1291, CDP0777-7-89941-2 [CD], 99426-2 [CD]

(E)CDIMS1447 [CD]

5708                        Lullaby of the leaves                                                            Cap 1291, (E)CL13675, Cap CDP0777-7-89941-2 [CD],

99426-2 [CD], (E)CDIMS1447 [CD]

5709                        The piccolino                                                                       Cap 1000

5710-2                     Bewitched, bothered and bewildered                                     Cap 1000, 1662, Rhino R2-71589 [CD], Capitol

CDP0777-7-89941-2 [CD], 99426-2 [CD],

(E)CDIMS1447 [CD



Mel Torme with orchestra conducted by Pete Rugolo : Mel Torme (vcl) acc by orchestra, Pete Rugolo (cond)

Hollywood, CA, August 11, 1950

6378                        Recipe for romance                                                              Capitol 1177, (E)CL13448, Cap CDP0777-7-89942-2


Mel Torme with the Red Norvo Trio : Mel Torme (vcl) acc by Red Norvo (vib) Tal Farlow (g) Charles Mingus (b)

Hollywood, CA, August 31, 1950

I've got a feeling I'm falling                                                   Capitol 99426-2 [CD], Blue Note CDP7-81331-2 [CD],

Capitol CDP0777-7-89941-2 [CD]

The carioca                                                                         Capitol 99426-2 [CD]

On a little street in Singapore                                                           -

I like to recognize the tune                                                              -                    , 7243.8.29384.2.2 [CD



Mel Torme (vcl) with unknown acc

Hollywood, CA, prob. 1950

6980                        Sailin' away on the Henry Clay                                             Cap 1402


Mel Torme (vcl) acc by unknown band

Los Angeles, March, 1951

7272                        The one for me                                                                    Cap 1712

7273                        Love is such a cheat                                                                   -

Mel Torme acc by Joe Lippman's Orchestra : Mel Torme (vcl) acc by Gordon "Chris" Griffin, Dale "Mickey" McMickle, Louis Mucci (tp) Lou McGarity, Buddy Morrow, Billy

Rauch (tb) Ed Beck, Bernie Kaufman, Toots Mondello, Stan Webb (reeds) Al Pellegrini (p) Bob Haggart (b) Bunny Shawker (d)

New York, April 9, 1951

Bundle of love                                                                      Cap 1524

You locked your heart                                                                -



Mel Torme with orchestra conducted by Nelson Riddle : Mel Torme (vcl) acc by orhestra, Nelson Riddle (cond)

Hollywood, CA, June 26, 1951

My buddy                                                                            Capitol 1761, CDP0777-7-89941-2 [CD], 99426-2 [CD]

(E)CDIMS1447 [CD]



Mel Torme (vcl) with unknown acc

Hollywood, CA, July 10, 1951

Don't fan the  flame                                                              Capitol 1738, 99426-2 [CD], (E)CDIMS1447 [CD]



Mel Torme (vcl,p) acc by Mary Osborne (g) Clyde Lombardi (b) Bunny Shawker (d)

New York, October 4, 1951

7735                        You're a heavenly thing                                                        Cap 1864, (E)CL13675, Cap CDP0777-7-89941-2 [CD],

99426-2 [CD], (E)CDIMS1447 [CD]

I love each move you make                                                  Cap CDP0777-7-89941-2 [CD]

Heart and soul                                                                     Cap 7243.8.32592.2.9 [CD], 99426-2 [CD],

(E)CDIMS1447 [CD]


Mel Torme with vocal group & Harold Mooney Orchestra : Mel Torme (vcl) acc by vcl group & orchestra, Harold "Hal" Mooney (cond)

Hollywood, CA, 1951

7750                        Foolish rumors                                                                     Cap 1864



Mel Torme (vcl) with unknown acc, these come from unknown Capitol sessions :

Hollywood CA, 1949-1951, December, 1951

The queen of hearts is missing                                              Cap 825, (E)CL13322

X in the middle of Texas                                                             -

Around the world                                                                        1383, (E)CL13495

The sidewalk Shuffler                                                                 -

Who sends you orchids                                                                1598

Take my heart                                                                            1761

Black moonlight                                                                          2131, (E)CL13851

Anywhere I wander                                                                    2263

Casually                                                                                    -

It made you happy                                                                       2529

A stranger in town                                                                     -



Mel Torme with Harold Mooney Orchestra : Mel Torme (vcl) acc by orchestra, Harold "Hal" Mooney (cond)

Hollywood, CA, May 13, 1952

10108                      A stranger in town                                                               Cap 2529, 99426-2 [CD], (E)CDIMS1447 [CD]

10109                      Don't leave me                                                                     Cap 2131



same orchestra

Hollywood, CA, 1952

10126                      Black moonlight                                                                   Cap 2131

10175                      It made you happy [when you made me cry]                                 2529



Eas   to remember : Mel Torme (vcl) with unidentified trio and quartet

ed location, 1953

Day in, day out                                                                     Hindsight HCD253 [CD]

It's easy to remember                                                                         -

I could have told you                                                                          -

I concentrate on you                                                                          -

The night we called it a day                                                                -

In love in vain                                                                                    -

Where are you ?                                                                                -

Long ago and far away                                                                      -

Musical sounds are the best song s : Mel Torme (vcl) acc by large orchestra, Neal Hefti (dir) with latin-American rhythm, strings and vocal group added

New York, October 1, 1953

85292                      Just one more chance                                                           Coral 61136, CRL-57044, Vocalion VL73905,

Jasmine (E)JASM1004

85293                      The anything can happen mambo                                          Coral 61136

85294                      Blue skies [latin-am rhythm only]                                          Coral 61089, CRL-57044, De DL7-5186, Vocalion

VL73905, MCA-Coral (E)CDL-8016, Jasmine


85295                      Oo-ya-ya                                                                             Coral 61089



Mel Torme with Orchestra directed by George Cates : Mel Torme (vcl) acc by John Best, Conrad Gozzo, Mannie Klein (tp) or Shorty Sherock (tp) Ed Kusby, Lloyd Ulyate, Ted

Vesely (tb) Georgie Auld (woodwinds) Benny Carter (woodwinds,arr) Chuck Gentry, Matty Matlock, Babe Russin (woodwinds) Al Pellegrini (p) Allen Reuss (g) Joe Comfort (b)

Nick Fatool (d) or Alvin Stoller (d) George Cates (ldr)

Los Angeles, August 2, 1954

L7770                      Tutti frutti                                                                            Coral CRL-57044, 61263, Vocalion VL73905

L7771                      It don't mean a thing                                                                     -                 , 61452, Coral (E)Q72202, 45Q72202,

Vocalion VL73905, Rhino R2-71589 [CD]

L7772                      Rose O'Day                                                                         Coral CRL-57044, 61452, Vocalion VL73905

L7773                      Hold tight                                                                                     -                 , Vocalion VL73905


same pers. with Billy May (arr)

Los Angeles, August 3, 1954

L7775                      All of you                                                                            Coral CRL-57044, 61294, Vocalion VL73905, Decca

DL7-5186, Coral (E)Q72202, 45Q72202, Rhino

R2-71589 [CD]

L7776                      Spellbound                                                                           Coral CRL-57044, 61294, Vocalion VL73905

L7777                      Cement mixer                                                                              -                 , Vocalion VL73905

L7778                      The   at foot   oogie                                                                      -

L7779                      The hut-sut song                                                                          -                 , Vocalion VL73905



Gene Norman  'resents Mel Torme "Live" at the Crescendo : Mel Torme (vcl,p-1) acc by Al Pellegrini (cl-1,p-2) James Dupre (b) Dick Shanahan (d,bgo-3)

Live "Crescendo Club", Hollywood, CA, December 15, 1954

87592                      From this moment on (2)                                                       Coral CRL-57012, Decca GRD-617 [CD]

87593                      That old black magic (2,#)                                                            -                            - , Coral (E)Q72159, FEP2026

87594                      Get out of town (1,3)                                                                    -                            - , Coral (E)FEP2026

87595                      Goody goody (1,#)                                                                        -                            - , Coral (E)Q72185, FEB2026

87596                      Love is here to stay (1)                                                                 -                            - , Coral (E)Q72185, FEB2026

87597                      Blue moon (2)                                                                               -                           - , Coral (E)Q72159

87598                      Old devil moon (1,3)                                                                     -                            - , Coral (E)FEP2027

87599                      Get happy (2)                                                                               -                            - , Coral (E)FEP2027

87600                      Mountain greenery (2,#)                                                               -                            - , Coral (E)Q72150, FEP2027

87601                      The county fair (1)                                                                       -                            - , Coral (E)FEP2028

87602                      The Christmas song [Merry Christmas to you] (1,*)                       -                            - , Coral (E)FEP2028

87603                      Jeepers creepers (2)                                                                     -                            - , Coral (E)Q72150, FEP2028

87604                      You're driving me crazy (2)                                                          -                                , Coral (E)FEP2027

87605                      Bernie's tune (1,#)                                                                        -                            - , Coral (E)FEP2028

September song (2)                                                                                                    -

My shining hour (1)                                                                                                    -

A stranger in town (2)                                                                                                -

I wish I were in love again (1)                                                                                    -

Moonlight in Vermont (2)                                                                                           -

Have you met Miss Jones ? (2)                                                                                   -

Imagination (2)                                                                                                          -


It's a blue world : Mel Torme (vcl) acc by unknown large orchestra, Al Pellegrini (dir) personnel includes : Frank Beach (p) Al Hendrickson (g) unknown       b-cl, 2     harp, strings

& rhythm

New York, August 28, 29 & 30, 1955

I got it bad and that ain't good (#)                                          Bethlehem BCP-34, 20-30152 [CD]

'Till the clouds roll by                                                                            -             -

Isn't it romantic ? (*,#)                                                                         -             -

I know why (*)                                                                                    -             -

All this and heaven too (#)                                                                    -             -

How long has this been going on ?                                                        -             -

Polka dots and moonbeams (1)                                                             -             -

You leave me breathless (*)                                                                 -             -

I found a million dollar baby                                                                  -             -

Wonderful one                                                                                     -             -

It's a blue world                                                                                   -             -

Stay as sweet as you are (*)                                                                 -             -



Mel Torme (vcl) with unknown acc

Los Angeles, January 12, 1956

L8911                      How                                                                                    Coral 61588

L8912                      My Rose Marie         


Mel Torme with the Marty  Paich Dek-tette : Mel Torme (vcl) acc by Pete Candoli, Don Fagerquist (tp) Vince DeRosa (      or John Cave (      Bob Enevoldsen (v-tb) Bud

Shank (as) Bob Cooper (ts) or Jack Montrose (ts) Jack Dulong (bar) Albert Pollan (tu) Marty Paich (p) Red Mitchell (b) Mel Lewis (d)

Hollywood, CA, January 16-18, 1956

Lulu's back in town (*,#)                                                      Bethlehem BCP52, 11008, BTM 6815, Parlo (E)GEP8790

London (E)HL-N8305, EZ-N19039

Lullaby of Birdland (*)                                                          Bethlehem BCP52, London (E)HL-N8322, EZ-N19039

The lady is a tramp (*,#)                                                                      -          , London (E)HL-N8305, Parlo


The carioca (*)                                                                    Bethlehem BCP52, London (E)EZ-N19039, Parlo


I like to recognize the tune                                                    Bethlehem BCP52, Parlo (E)GEP8790

Fascinating rhythm (*)                                                                          -          , London (E)EZ-N19039

I love to watch the moonlight (#)                                                           -          , London (E)HL-N8322

When the sun comes out                                                                      -

The blues (*)                                                                                       -

Keepin' myself for you                                                                         -          , 11008

When April comes again                                                                      -
Sing for your supper                                                                            



Song for an   taste : Mel Torme (vcl) acc by Howard McGhee (tp) Ralph Sharon (p) Max Bennett (b) Stan Levey (d) The Pat Moran Quartet : Pat Moran, John Doling, Bev Kelly,

Johnny Whited (vcl) Russ Garcia (ldr,arr)

Live "Crescendo Club", Hollywood, CA, May 8, 1956

Manhattan (+)                                                                      Bethlehem BCP6031, (Jap)COCY-9918 [CD]

It's all right with me (#)                                                                        -                -

Tenderly (*)                                                                                        -                -

Home by the sea                                                                                  -                -

I got plenty o' nuttin' (#)                                                                       -                -              , BCP6040, EXLP1, 3BP-1

It's delovely                                                                                         -                -

I wish I were in love again                                                                    -                -

Autumn leaves (#,+)                                                                            -                -

Nobody's heart                                                                                    -                -

Taking a chance on love                                                                       -                -



Mel Torme acc by the Ted Heath Orchestra : Mel Torme (vcl) acc by      g prob pers. : Bobby Pratt, Bert Ezard, Duncan Campbell, Eddie Blair (tp) Wally Smith, Don Lusher,

Jimmy Coombes, Ric Kennedy (tb) Les Gilbert, Ronnie Chamberlain (as) Henry Mackenzie (ts,cl) Red Price (ts) Ken Kiddier (bar) Frank Horrox (p) Johnny Hawksworth (b) Ronnie

Verrell (d)

London, England, September 21, 1956

XDR22457              Walkin' shoes                                                                       De (E)F10800, DEF6384

XDR22458              The cuckoo in the clock                                                            -                 -

Mel Torme acc by Cyril Stapleton's Orchestra : no details except Mel Torme (vcl)

London, September 22, 1956

XDR22459              Shenandoah                                                                         De (E)DEF6384

XDR22460              Hooray for love                                                                        -



Mel Torme acc by Ted Heath Orchestra : Mel Torme (vcl) others unknown

London, September 24, 1956

XDR22461              Waltz for young lovers                                                          De (E)F10809

XDR22462              I don't want to walk without you                                                - - --


Mel Torme sin  s Fred Astaire : Mel Torme acc by Marty Paich's Dektette : Mel Torme (vcl) acc by Pete Candoli, Don Fagerquist (tp) Bob Enevoldsen (v-tb,ts) Vince

DeRosa (      Albert Pollan (tu) Herb Geller (as) Jack Montrose (ts) Jack Dulong (bar) Marty Paich (p) Max Bennett (b) Alvin Stoller (d)

Hollywood, CA, November, 1956

Nice work if you can get it (*,+,!)                                          Bethlehem BCP6013, Giants of Jazz CD0230 [CD]

Something's gotta give (#,+,!)                                                                -                                    -

A foggy day (1,*,!)                                                                               -                                    -

A fine romance (1,*,!)                                                                          -                                    -

Let's call the whole thing off (#)                                                           -                                    -

Top hat, white tie and tails                                                                    -                                    -

The way you look tonight (*,+)                                                              -                                    -

The piccolino                                                                                       -                                    -

They can't take that away from me (#)                                                 -                                    -

Cheek to cheek (#,!)                                                                            -                                    -

Let's face the music and dance (+)                                                       -                                    -

They all laughed                                                                                   -                                    -



'Round midnigh : Mel Torme acc by the Marty Paich Dektette : Mel Torme (vcl) acc by      g prob pers : Pete Candoli, Don Fagerquist (tp) Bob Enevoldsen (v-tb) Bud Shank

(as,    Bob Cooper (ts) or Jack Montrose (ts) Jack Dulong (bar) Vince DeRosa (      or John Cave (      Albert Pollan (tu) Red Mitchell (b) Mel Lewis (d) Marty Paich (arr,cond,p-1)

Los Angeles, c. 1956-57

Lulu's back in town                                                              Stash ST-252, ST-CD-4 [CD]

When the sun comes out                                                               -            -

The lady is a tramp                                                                       -            -
From now on (mt out,1)                                                               


Mel Torme at the Crescendo : Mel Torme (vcl) acc by Don Fagerquist (tp) Larry Bunker (vib,bgo,accor) Marty Paich (p) Max Bennett (b) Mel Lewis (d)

Live "Crescendo Club", Los Angeles, February 22, 1957

It's only a paper moon (+)                                                     Bethlehem BCP6020, Charly (E)60 [CD]

What is this thing called love ? (+)                                                         -                         -

One for my baby (+)                                                                            -                         -

Love is just a bug                                                                                 -                         -

Autumn leaves                                                                                     -                         -

A nightingale sang in Berkeley Square                                                   -                         -

Just one of those things (#,+)                                                                -                         -

The boy next door                                                                                -                         -

Lover come back to me                                                                        -                         -

Looking at you                                                                                     -                         -

The tender trap (*)                                                                               -                         -

I'm beginning to see the light (#)                                                           -                         -



Dedicated to the Golden State : Mel Torme's California Suite : Mel Torme acc b : Mel Torme (vcl) acc by Marty Paich (p,celeste,ldr,arr) Pete Candoli, Don Fagerquist (tp)

Bob Enevoldsen (tb) Vince DeRosa (      Albert Pollan (tu) Ronnie Lang, Ted Nash, Dave Pell (woodwinds) Marvin Limonick, Erno Neufeld, Irma Neumann, Paul Shure, Felix Slatkin,

Marshall Sosson (vln) Alvin Dinkin, Paul Robyn (viola) Edgar Lustgarten, Eleanor Slatkin (cello) Stella Castellucci, Richard Cornell (harp) Barney Kessel (g) Max Bennett (b) Mel

Lewis, Alvin Stoller (d,perc)

Hollywood, CA, March 11-13, 1957, March 11, 1957

California suite                                                                     Bethlehem BCP6016

Poor little extra girl                                                                               -              , Rhino R2-71589 [CD] -


Torme meets the British : Mel Torme acc by Wally Scott Orchestra : Mel Torme (vcl) acc by orchestra, Wally Scott (dir)

London, summer, 1957

Limehouse blues                                                                Philips (E)BBL7205, Apex AX5

A nightingale sang in Berkeley Square (*)                                       -                            -

The White Cliffs of Dover                                                              -                            -

London pride                                                                                 -                            -

I've got a lovely bunch of cocoanuts                                                -                            -

These foolish things (*)                                                                  -                            -

Georgie                                                                                         -                            -

My one and only highland     g                                                        -                            -

Danny boy                                                                                    -                            -

Let there be love                                                                           -                            -

Greensleeves                                                                                 -                            -

Try a little tenderness (*)                                                               -                            -



Mel Torme (vcl) prob acc by same orchestra

London, summer, 1957

[You've got me goin'] Ev'ry which way                                 Philips (E)PB728, Apex AX5

Time was                                                                                      -                        -



Prelude to a kiss : Mel Torme acc by Marty Paich Dektette : Mel Torme (vcl) acc Don Fagerquist (tp) Vince DeRosa (      Ronnie Lang (cl,as,bar) Hymie Gunkler (cl,as) Bob

Enevoldsen (ts,b-cl) Marty Paich (p,celeste,ldr,arr) Bill Pittman (g) Joe Mondragon (b) Mel Lewis (d) Stella Castellucci (harp)

Hollywood, CA, December, 1957

I've got the world on a string                                                 Tops LP1615, LaserLight 15 381 [CD]

I'm getting sentimental over you                                                   -                             -

I can't believe that you're in love with me                                      -                             -

Between the devil and the deep blue sea                                       -                             -

I let a song go out of my heart (*)                                                 -

I can't give you anything but love                                                  -                             -


strings added

Los Angeles, December, 1957

Prelude to a kiss (#)                                                             Tops LP1615, LaserLight 15 381 [CD]

Something to live for (*)                                                               -                             -

Ghost of a chance (*)                                                                  -                             -

I surrender dear                                                                          -                             -

Don't worry 'bout me                                                                   -                             -

One morning in May (+)                                                              -                             -



Mel Torme (vcl) with unknown acc

prob. late 1957

Bored                                                                                  Egmont (E)EGM8119

Sandra                                                                                            -

Picnic on the grass                                                                          -

La Paloma                                                                                      -

When the saints go marching in                                                        -



Torme : Mel Torme acc by the Marty Paich Orchestra : no details except Mel Torme (vcl) Frank Rosolino (tb) Marty Paich (p,arr) + strings

Los Angeles, June 26, 1958

22260-4                   Blues in the night                                                                  Verve MGV2105, (Swd)VEP5049, Rhino R2-71589 [CD],

Verve 823010-2 [CD]

22260-6                   Blues in the night                                                                  (unissued)

22261-2                   Gloomy Sunday                                                                    Verve MGV2105, 823010-2 [CD], (Du)EPV5092

22262-2                   That old feeling                                                                             -                 -                 , V/V6-8593, (Du)EPV5092

22263-10                 I don't want to cry anymore                                                           -                 -                 , (Swd)VEP5049

22264-4                   The house is haunted by the echo of your last goodbye

-                 -                   (Du)EPV5092



Los Angeles, June 27, 1958

22265-3                   Where can I go without you ?                                               Verve MGV2105, 823010-2 [CD]

22266-3                   I should care                                                                                 -                 -

22267-3                   How did she look ?                                                                        -                 -

22268-3                   Body and soul                                                                               -                 -         , 833282-2 [CD], (F)2615061

22269-3                   'Round midnight                                                                             -                 -         , 833282-2 [CD], (Swd)VEP5049

22270-4                   I'm gonna laugh you out of my life                                                  -                 -

22271-6                   Nobody's heart                                                                              -                 -



Mel Torme sin  s about love : Mel Torme (vcl) acc by John Cyr (vib,perc) Jimmy Rowles, Bill Miller (keyboards) Vincent Terri, Allen Reuss (g) Phil Stephens (b)

Los Angeles, December 10, 1958

L55827                    Where are you ?                                                                  Audiophile AP67

L55829-2                 It's easy to remember [and so hard to forget]                                        -

L55884-3                 The Christmas song                                                                             -

L55885-6                 I could have told you                                                                            -

L55886-3                 All in fun                                                                                             -

L55887                    Too late now                                                                                       -

L55881-2                 You took advantage of me                                                                   -

L55888-3                 I concentrate on you                                                                            -

L55889-2                 In love in vain                                                                                      -

L55891-3                 Long ago and far away                                                                        -

L55883-5                 Star eyes                                                                                             -

L55878                    The night we called it a day                                                                  -

L55882                    You make me feel so young                                                                 -

L55890-3                 Isn't it romantic ?                                                                                 -

L55880                    Day in, day out                                                                                    -


Ole Torme : Mel Torme acc by Billy May Orchestra : Mel Torme (vcl) acc by Frank Beach, Pete Candoli, Conrad Gozzo, Mannie Klein (tp) Ed Kusby, Pullman "Tommy"

Pederson, Dave Wells, Si Zentner (tb) Red Callender (tu) Gene Cipriano, Chuck Gentry, Justin Gordon, Ted Nash, Bud Shank (woodwinds) Jimmy Rowles (p) Verley Mills (harp)

Bobby Gibbons (g) Ralph Pena (b) Larry Bunker, Alvin Stoller (d) Billy May (ldr,arr)

Los Angeles, March 21, 1959

22754-4                   Vaya con dios                                                                      Verve MGV2117, Rhino R2-71589 [CD],

MFP (E)CDMFP6217 [CD], 8-53503-2 [CD], Rhino

R2-71589 [CD]

22755-4                   Six lessons from Madam La Zonga                                       Verve MGV2117

22756-3                   Nina                                                                                              -

22757-7                   Frenesi                                                                                          -                 , 10174, (Swd)V2025, Rhino R2-71589

[CD], MFP (E)CDMFP6217 [CD], 8-53503-2 [CD],

Rhino R2-71589 [CD]

22758-5                   South of the border                                                               Verve MGV2117, V/V6-8593, Rhino R2-71589 [CD],

MFP (E)CDMFP6217 [CD], 8-53503-3 [CD]



Mel Torme acc by Billy May Orchestra : Al Pellegrini (p) Buddy Clark (b) Lou Singer (perc) replace Jimmy Rowles, Ralph Pena, Larry Bunker

Los Angeles, April 2, 1959

22791-4                   Perfidia                                                                               Verve MGV2117, V/V6-8593, Rhino R2-71589 [CD]

MFP (E)CDMFP6217, 8-53503-2 [CD]

22792-7                   The rhumba jumps                                                                Verve MGV2117, Smithsonian/Indiana Historical

Society R038IHS102

22793-2                   Malaguena                                                                           Verve MGV2117, 10174, Rhino R2-71589 [CD]

22794-3                   Cuban love song                                                                            -

22795-5                   Rosita                                                                                           -

22796-4                   Adios                                                                                            -

22797                      Baia                                                                                             -



LuLu’sBack in Town : Mel Torme acc by Marty Paich Orchestra : pers. incl. Mel Torme (vcl) acc by Jack Sheldon (tp) Art Pepper (as,ts) Victor Feldman (vib) Marty Paich (p,org,celeste,arr) 5 unknown g, Joe Mondragon (b) Mel Lewis (d) The Mel-Tones (vcl) : Ginny O'Connor, Bernie Parke, Sue Allen, Tom Kenny (vcl)

Hollywood, CA, April 23, 28 & 29, 1959

26374-11                 Makin' whoopee                                                                   Verve MGV2120, (F)2615061

26375-4                   What is this thing called love ? (+)                                                  -           , (Du)EPV5139, (Swd)VEP5060

26376-20                 Baubles, bangles and beads                                                            -

26377-4                   It happened in Monterey                                                                -           , Metro M/MS532, Rhino R2-71589 [CD]

26378-7                   I've never been in love before                                                        -           , (Swd)VEP5060

26379-6                   Truckin'                                                                                        -           , 833282-2 [CD], Metro M/MS532

26380-5                   Hit the road to dreamland                                                               -           , 314-553268-2 [CD], Metro M/MS532

26381-8                   Don't dream of anybody but me [Li'l darlin'] (*)                               -

26382-6                   (A bunch of blues :)                                                                       -        , (Swd)VEP5060, (G)2615044, (Du)EPV5139

                                 Keester parade                                                                     -        , (Swd)VEP5060, (G)2615044, (Du)EPV5139

                                 T.N.T.                                                                                  -        , (Swd)VEP5060, (G)2615044, (Du)EPV5139

                                 Tiny's blues                                                                           -        , (Swd)VEP5060, (G)2615044, (Du)EPV5139

26383-5                   Some like it hot (*)                                                                        -

26384-7                   A smo-o-oth one                                                                           -

26385-13                 I hadn't anyone till you                                                                   -

I hadn't anyone till you (alt) (# see note)                                Verve 314-51152-2 [CD]

Mel Torme (vcl) with unknown acc

from a TV show, 1960

26828                     I'm shooting high                                                                  Verve 823010-2 [CD]

26829                     These desperate hours                                                                  -



Mel Torme Swings  Shubert Alley   : Mel Torme (vcl) acc by Al Porcino, Stu Williamson (tp) Frank Rosolino (tb) Vince DeRosa        Red Callender (tu) Art Pepper (as) Bill

Perkins (ts) Bill Hood (bar) Marty Paich (p,arr) Joe Mondragon (b) Mel Lewis (d)

Los Angeles, January 21, 1960

23045                     Too close for comfort (*)                                                    Verve MGV2132, V-V6-8593, 833282-2 [CD]

23046                     Once in love with Amy                                                                  -                , (E)2317076, MGM Merchandising PX105

23047                     Whatever Lola wants                                                                    -                , 833282-2 [CD]

23048                     Hello young lovers                                                                        -



same pers

Los Angeles, February 4, 1960

23071-9                 Too darn hot                                                                       Verve MGV2132, (F)2615061, Verve 314-511-070-2


23072-5                 A sleepin' bee                                                                      Verve MGV2132, 840036 [CD]

23073-8                 All I need is a girl                                                                          -                , (E)2317076

23074-5                 Lonely town                                                                                 -                , (E)2317076


same pers

Los Angeles, February 11, 1960

23085-19               The surrey with the fringe on top                                          Verve MGV2132, 833282-2 [CD], (E)2317076

23086-15               On the street where you live                                                          -                , V/V6-8593, (Du)EPV5178, MGM

E/SE4243, E/SE4280

23087-5                 Just in time                                                                          Verve MGV2132, 833282-2 [CD], V/V6-8505,


23088-4                 Old devil moon                                                                    Verve MGV2132



Mel Torme (vcl) with unknown acc

Los Angeles, prob c. March 29, 1960

23172                     Walk like a dragon                                                              Verve 10211

23173                     Wayfaring stranger                                                                        -



.Swingin on the moon : Mel Torme acc by Russ Garcia's Orchestra : no details except strings added on some titles and Mel Torme (vcl)

Los Angeles, August 3, 1960

23294-6                 Moonlight in Vermont (*)                                                    Verve MGV2144, 314-511385-2 [CD]

23295-5                 Moon song (#)                                                                             -                  -                              , HMV (E)45POP859

23296-7                 Moonlight cocktail                                                                        -                  -

23297-7                 Velvet moon                                                                                 -                  -



Los Angeles, August 4, 1960

23298-5                 No moon at all                                                                    Verve MGV2144, 314-511385-2 [CD], Metro (F)2355013

23299-5                 The moon was yellow                                                                    -                  -

23300-4                 Don't let the moon get away                                                           -                  -

23301                     Swingin' on the moon                                                                     -                  -                              , Rhino

R2-71589  CD


Los Angeles, August 5, 1960

23302-2                 Blue moon (*)                                                                     Verve MGV2144, 314-511385-2 [CD]

23303-3                 How high the moon                                                                    -                     -                              , (E)2317076

23304-4                 Oh ! you crazy moon                                                                  -                     -

23305-4                 I wished on the moon                                                                 -                     -                              , Metro M/MS532

23306-6                 A velvet                                                                              (unissued)



Broadway   right now ! : Mel Torme & Margaret Whiting acc by the Russ Garcia Orchestra : Mel Torme, Margaret Whiting (vcl) acc by orchestra, Russ Garcia (condo)

Los Angeles, November 9, 1960

23361-7                 All you need is a quarter                                                      Verve MGV2146, HMV (E)7EG8721

23362-6                 Wildcat-Tall hopes                                                                      -

23363-10               Hey look me over                                                   -                , 10230

23364-4                 (Medley :)                                              -                , HMV (E)7EG8721

Do-re-mi                                                                              -                           -

Fireworks                                                                             -                           -


Mel Torme & Margaret Whiting : same pers

Los Angeles, November 10, 1960

23365-8                 If ever I would leave you                                                     Verve MGV2146, MGM E/SE4243

23366                     [Camelot] I loved you once in silence                                            -

23367                     [Irma la Douce] Our language of love                                            -

23368                     (Medley :)                                                                                    -                , Rhino R2-71589 [CD]

Far away   from home                                                             -                , Rhino R2-71589 [CD]

Angelina                                                                               -                , Rhino R2-71589 [CD]

23369                     Cry like the wind                                                                          -                , HMV (E)7EG8721

23370                     Make someone happy (mt out)                                                     -                , HMV (E)7EG8721

23371                     From a prison cell                                                                         -

23372                     What's new at the zoo ?                                                                -                , 10230, HMV (E)7EG8721



I dig   the Duke/I dig  the Count : Mel Torme acc by Johnny Mandel Orchestra : Mel Torme (vcl) acc by Jack Sheldon (tp) Frank Rosolino, Stu Williamson (tb) Joe Maini

(as) Ed Theodore (ts) [prob. Teddy Edwards (ts) ] Bill Perkins (bar) Jimmy Rowles (p) Al Hendrickson (g) Joe Mondragon (b) Shelly Manne (d) Johnny Mandel (arr,dir)

Los Angeles, December 12, 1960

23400-10               Reminiscing in tempo                                                           Verve MGV2153

23401-7                 Don't get around much anymore                                                    -                , 833282-2 [CD], MGM Premium PM10

23402-8                 Just a-sittin' and a-rockin'                                                              -

23403-6                 I'm gonna go   shin'                                                                       -                , V/V6-8593

23404-6                 Take the "A" train (*)                                                                    -                , V/V6-8593, 833282-2 [CD



Mel Torme acc by the Johnny Mandel Orchestra : same pers.

Los Angeles, February 2, 1961

23477-4                 Oh, what a night for love                                                      Verve MGV2153, (E)2317076, Franklin Mint 006

23478-2                 Down for double                                                                          -

23479-4                 Sent for you yesterday [and here you come today]                        -                , 833282-2 [CD], Rhino R2-71589[CD]

23480-2                 I'm gonna move to the outskirts of town                                        -                , Rhino R2-71589 [CD]

23481-1                 Blue and sentimental                                                                     -                , 833282-2 [CD]

23482-1                 In the evening [when the sun goes down]                                       -                , Metro M/MS532



Mel Torme acc by Sy Oliver Orchestra : Mel Torme (vcl) with orchestra, Sy Oliver (dir)

New York, 1961

23518                     Her face                                                                              Verve 10232, 823010-2 [CD]

23519                     He's got the whole world in his hands                                   (unissued)

23520                     Yes indeed                                                                          Verve 10232, 823010-2 [CD


Mel Torme acc by the Johnny Mandel Orchestra : same pers.

Los Angeles, February 2, 1961

23477-4                 Oh, what a night for love                                                      Verve MGV2153, (E)2317076, Franklin Mint 006

23478-2                 Down for double                                                                          -

23479-4                 Sent for you yesterday [and here you come today]                        -                , 833282-2 [CD], Rhino R2-71589[CD]

23480-2                 I'm gonna move to the outskirts of town                                        -                , Rhino R2-71589 [CD]

23481-1                 Blue and sentimental                                                                     -                , 833282-2 [CD]

23482-1                 In the evening [when the sun goes down]                                       -                , Metro M/MS532


Mel Torme acc by Sy Oliver Orchestra : Mel Torme (vcl) with orchestra, Sy Oliver (dir)

New York, 1961

23518                     Her face                                                                              Verve 10232, 823010-2 [CD]

23519                     He's got the whole world in his hands                                   (unissued)

23520                     Yes indeed                                                                          Verve 10232, 823010-2 [CD]


My   kind of music : Mel Torme acc by orchestra cond. by Geoff Love : Mel Torme (vcl) acc by orchestra, Geo   Love (cond)

London, July 18-21, 1961

61VK668?             You and the night and the music                                           Verve V8440, V-8593, V6-8593

By myself                                                                                     -          , (E)2317076, Rhino R2-71589 [CD]

A shine on your shoes                                                                   -          , (E)2317076, MGM (E)45MGM1144

Welcome to the club                                                                     -          , 833282-2 [CD]


Mel Torme acc by orchestra cond. by Tony Osborne : Mel Torme (vcl) acc by orchestra Tony Osborne (cond)

London, July 18-21, 1961

A stranger in town                                                               Verve V8440, 833282-2 [CD]

Born to be blue                                                                             -            -

Dancing in the dark                                                                      


Mel Torme acc by orchestra cond. by Wally Scott : Mel Torme (vcl) acc by orchestra, Wally Scott (cond)

London, July 18-21, 1961               

I guess I'll have to change my plan                                        Verve V8440, (E)2317076

Country fair                                                                                  -

61VK676?               The Christmas song                                                                       -         , V/V6-8593, (E)2317076, 833282-2 [CD]

314-531960-2 [CD], MGM (E)45MGM1144, Rhino

R2-71589 [CD], Verve 840501-2 [CD]

Alone together                                                                     Verve V8440



Mel Torme (vcl,p-1) acc by studio orchestra, Joe Graves (tp) Ed Kusby (tb) Arthur "Skeets" Herfurt (reeds) Allen Reuss (g) Verley Mills (harp) Ira Westley (b,tu) Chester Ricord,

Ralph Hansell (perc) Carl Brandt (dir)

Hollywood,CA, September 9, 1961

Gone with the wind (1)                                                         Stash ST-CD-4 [CD]

That old feeling                                                                            -.



Mel Torme at the Red Hill : Mel Torme (vcl,p-1) acc by Jimmy Wisner (p) Ace Tesone (b) Dave Levine (d)

Live "Red Hill Club", Pennsauken, New Jersey, March 24, 1962

6102                        Shakin' the blues away                                                         Atl LP8066

6103                        In other words                                                                          -

6104                        It's all right with me                                                              (unissued)

6105                        London pride                                                                               -

6106                        Medley duet                                                                                -

6107                        Angel eyes                                                                                  -

6108                        (Medley :) Porgy and Bess                                                           -

6109                        Love is just around the corner                                               Atl LP8066

6110                        Breezin' along with the breeze                                               (unissued)

6111                        Misty                                                                                          -

6112                        Hey look me over                                                                        -

6113                        When the world was young                                                   Atl LP8066, Rhino R2-71589 [CD]

6114                        Anything goes                                                                          -

6115                        Spring can hang you up the most                                           (unissued)

6116                        (Medley :)                                                                                   -

I hear music                                                                        -

Lullaby of Broadway                                                            -

6117                        Mountain greenery (1)                                                          Atl LP8066

6118                        untitled instrumental                                                              (unissued)

6119                        (Medley :)                                                                                   -

Brother, can you spare a dime ?                                            -

Love me or leave me                                                           -

6120                        How are things in Glocca Morra ?                                                -

6121                        (Medley :)                                                                            Atl LP8066

A foggy day                                                                     -

A nightingale sang in Berkeley Square                               -

6122                        Early autumn                                                                            -

6123                        Blues my naughty sweetie gives to me                                   (unissued)

6124                        Don't get around much anymore                                                   -

6125                        I'm beginning to see the light                                                 Atl LP8066

6126                        It never entered my mind                                                      (unissued)

6127                        (Medley :)                                                                                   -

Blue moon                                                                           -

Polka dots and moonbeams                                                   -

6128                        Bye bye, blackbird                                                                       -

6129                        How about me ?                                                                          -

6130                        Love for sale (1)                                                                  Atl LP8066



same pers.

Live "Red Hill Club", Pennsauken, New Jersey, March 25, 1962

6131                        It's delovely (1)                                                                    Atl LP8066, Rhino R2-71589 [CD]

6132                        Nevertheless                                                                            -

6133                        You're driving me crazy                                                        (unissued)

6134                        Don't take your love from me                                                       -

6135                        Anything goes                                                                             -

6136                        Again                                                                                         -

6137                        Shootin' high                                                                               -

6138                        That got away                                                                             -


Comin' home baby  : Mel Torme acc by Shorty Rogers Orchestra : Mel Torme (vcl) acc by Shorty Rogers (       dir,arr) Joe Burnett (tp) Milt Bernhart (tb) John Kitzmiller (tu)

Bob Cooper, Bud Shank (woodwinds) Emil Richards (vib) Mike Wofford (p) Joe Mondragon (b) Larry Bunker (d)

Hollywood, CA, July 11, 1962

6360                        Hi-     (sr arr)                                                                       Atl 8069

6361                        On Green Dolphin Street (sr arr)                                               -       , Rhino R2-71589 [CD]

6362                        Dat dere (sr arr)                                                                       -       , Rhino R2-71589 [CD


6363                        Moanin' (sr arr)                                                              



same pers

Hollywood, CA, July 13, 1962

6364                        Walkin' shoes                                                                       Rhino R2-71589 [CD]

6365                        Walkin' (sr arr)                                                                    Atl 8069

6366                        Whisper not (sr arr)                                                                  -       , 81706-1, Atlantic 81706-2 [CD],

Rhino R2-72473 [CD]

6367                        Sidney's soliloquy (sr arr)                                                      Atl 8069



same pers

Hollywood, CA, July 16, 1962

6368                        The lady's in love with you (sr arr)                                        Atl 8069

6369                        Sing you sinners (sr arr)                                                            -

6370                        You belong to me                                                                      2202

6371                        Puttin' on the Ritz (sr arr)                                                           8069


Mel Torme acc by Claus Ogerman's Orchestra : Mel Torme (vcl) acc by orchestra, Claus Ogerman (arr,dir)

New York, September 13, 1962

6456                        Comin' home baby (co arr)                                                   Atl 2165, 8069, Rhino R2-71589 [CD]

6457                        Right now (co arr)                                                                    -        -                -



Mel Torme (vcl) with unknown acc

Los Angeles, February 8, 1963

6780                        Cast your fate to the wind                                                     Atl 2183, Rhino R2-71589 [CD]

6781                        The gift                                                                                    -

6782                        My gal's back in town                                                                2187

6783                        Gravy waltz                                                                              -



'Round midnight : Mel Torme acc by Shorty Rogers and his Giants : Mel Torme (vcl) acc by      g prob pers: Shorty Rogers (tp,         Ken Shroyer (tb) or George Roberts (tb)

Paul Horn (   cl,as) Buddy Collette (as,   cl) Bill Hood (bar,bassax) Larry Bunker (vib) Lou Levy (p) Monty Budwig (b) Shelly Manne (d) Shorty Rogers (arr,cond)

Los Angeles, May 13, 1963

Hello young lovers                                                                Stash ST-252, ST-CD-4 [CD]

Porgy and Bess medley                                                                -            -

Marie (mt out)                                                                             -

Hey look me over                                                                         -            -                     , Rhino R2-71589 [CD]

A foggy day                                                                                 -            -

The surrey with the fringe on top                                                   -            -

The lady's in love with you                                                            -            -

Sugar loaf (mt out)                                                                       -

Lulu's back in town                                                                      -

'Round midnight                                                                           -            -



Mel Torme (vcl,d,arr) acc by studio orchestra, Mort Lindsey (dir) Marty Paich (arr)

prob.   om this period

Fascinating rhythm                                                               Stash ST-CD-4 [CD]

Mel Torme (vcl) with unknown acc

New York, June 5, 1963

7049                        You can't love them all                                                         Atl 2202



Mel Torme acc by Count Basie and his Orchestra : Mel Torme (vcl) acc by Don Rader, Joe Newman, Sonny Cohn, Fip Ricard (tp) and/or Al Aarons (tp) Henry Coker, Benny

Powell, Grover Mitchell, Urbie Green (tb) Marshal Royal (cl,as) Eric Dixon, Frank Wess, Frank Foster (ts,as) Charlie Fowlkes (bar) Count Basie (p,dir) Freddie Green (g) Buddy

Catlett (b) Sonny Payne (d)

Hollywood, CA, July, 1963

Li'l darlin'                                                                             Stash ST-CD-4 [CD]



Mel Torme acc by Donn Trenner Octet : Mel Torme (vcl) acc by Donn Trenner (p) rest unknown

Hollywood, CA, August 10, 1963

Don't let that moon get away                                                Hindsight HCD253 [CD]

I'll be seeing you                                                                                -

'Round midnight                                                                                 -

The moon was yellow                                                                        -

I'm gonna miss you                                                                            -

Swingin' on the moon                                                                         -

Portia Brown                                                                                     -

All I need is the girl                                                                            -


Mel Torme : Sunday   in New York & other son  songs about New York : Mel Torme (vcl) acc by orchestra, incl. strings, Dick Hazard (arr,dir) John Williams, Shorty Rogers (arr)

Los Angeles, December 2, 1963

7453                        Autumn in New York (dh arr)                                               Atl 8091

7454                        Manhattan (dh arr)                                                                   -

7455                        Harlem nocturne (dh arr)                                                          -

7456                        Forty-Second Street (dh arr)                                                      -       , 2219, Rhino R2-71589 [CD]

7457                        My time of day                                                                         -


Mel Torme (vcl) acc by orchestra, John Williams (arr,cond)

Los Angeles, December 4, 1963

7458                        Let me off uptown   w arr)                                                   Atl 8091

7459                        Sunday in New York   w arr)                                                    -       , 2219, Rhino R2-71589 [CD]



Mel Torme (vcl) acc by     vib, p, g, b, d, Shorty Rogers (arr,cond)

Los Angeles, December 7, 1963

7462                        Lullaby of Birdland (sr arr)                                                   Atl 8091

7463                        New York, New York (sr arr)                                                   -

7464                        There's a broken heart for every light on Broadway (sr arr)

7465                        The Brooklyn bridge                                                                 -


Mel Torme with Benny Barth Trio : Mel Torme (vcl,p,bar-ukelele) acc by Gary Long (p) Perry Lind (b) Benny Barth (d)

San Francisco, CA, 1963-1964

I've got a world that swings                                                  Stash ST-CD-4 [CD]

Quiet nights                                                                                 -

Comin' home baby                                                                        -

Sidney's soliloquy                                                                         -

Dat dere                                                                                      -

When Sunny gets blue                                                                  -


Mel Torme acc by Don Trenner and his Orchestra : Mel Torme (vcl) acc by unknown studio orchestra, incl. poss. Bob Enevoldsen (v-tb) Donn Trenner (p,dir)

Hollywood, CA, 1963-1964

Don't let that moon get away                                                Stash ST-CD-4 [CD]

All I need is the girl                                                                      -

I'll be seeing you                                                                          -


Mel Torme (vcl) acc by Nat Adderley (cnt) Kai Winding, Jimmy Cleveland (tb) Junior Mance (p) Aaron Bell (b) Herbie Lovelle (d)

Film soundtrack, Los Angeles, 1964

All that jazz                                                                          Reprise 6180

Night walk                                                                                      -



Mel Torme (vcl) with unknown acc

New York, March 9, 1964

CO85637                 I love you                                                                            Col CK53779 [CD]

CO85638                 Haven't we met ?                                                                      -

CO85640                 The second time around                                                             -

Mel Torme with orchestra conducted by Dick Hazard : Mel Torme (vcl) acc by orchestra, Dick Hazard (cond)

New York, March 10, 1964

CO81822                 I know your heart                                                                 Col 4-43022, CK65165 [CD], CK53779 [CD]

CO81823                 You'd better love me                                                                 -                -                     -                     ,

Rhino R2-71589 [CD



Mel Torme with orchestra arranged and conducted by Robert Mersey : Mel Torme (vcl) acc by orchestra, Bob Mersey (arr,cond)

New York, March 10, 1964

CO82255                 I see it now                                                                          Col 4-43087, CK65165 [CD]

CO82256                 Once in a lifetime                                                                      -             -



Mel Torme with orchestra arranged and conducted by Robert Mersey : Mel Torme (vcl) acc by orchestra, Bob Mersey (arr,cond)

New York, October 5, 1964

CO83819                 One little snow  flake                                                              Col 4-45283, CK65165 [CD]

CO83820                 Ev'ry day's a holiday                                                                   4-43167, -                     , CK53779 [CD]



That's all : A lush romantic album : Mel Torme (vcl) acc by James Decker, Richard Perissi (      Gene Cipriano, Plas Johnson (woodwinds) Dave Grusin (p) Leonard Atkins,

Jacques Gasselin, Benny Gill, Sarah Kriedler, Carl LaMagna, Lou Raderman, Mischa Russell, Paul Shure, Gerald Vinci, Gertrude Schrager (vln) Alvin Dinkin, Allan Harshman, Louis

Kievman (viola) Armand Kaproff, Jesse Ehrlich (cello) Elizabeth Ershoff (harp) Barney Kessel, John Gray (g) Rollie Bundock (b) Jack Sperling (d) Louis Adrian, Dale Anderson, Sol

Babitz (perc) Bob Mersey (ldr,arr)

Hollywood, CA, December 16, 1964

HCO72210              The nearness of you (2)                                                        Col CL2318, CK65165 [CD], CK53779 [CD]

HCO72211              My romance (2)                                                                        -              -                      -

HCO72212              Do I love you ? (2)                                                                    -              -                      -

HCO72213              Isn't it a pity ? (2)                                                                      -              -                      -

HCO72217              The folks that live on the hill                                                       -              -                      -                     ,

Rhino R2-71589 [CD]



same pers

Hollywood, CA, December 19, 1964

HCO72214              I've got you under my skin                                                    Col CL2318, CK65165 [CD], CK53779 [CD],

Rhino R2-71589 [CD]

HCO72215              That's all                                                                              Col CL2318, CK65165 [CD], CK53779 [CD]

HCO72216              What is there to say ?                                                                -             -                       -



Mel Torme (vcl) with unknown acc

New York, March 9, 1965

CO85637                 P.S. I love you                                                                     Col CL2318, CK65165 [CD]

CO85638                 Ho-ba-la-la                                                                               -             -

CO85639                 Haven't we met ?                                                                      -             -                     , Rhino R2-71589 [CD]

CO85640                 The second time around                                                             -             -



Mel Torme with orchestra arranged and conducted by Mort Garson : Mel Torme (vcl) acc by orchestra, Mort Garson (arr,cond)

Hollywood, CA, February 25, 1966

HCO87727              Hang on to me                                                                     Col 4-43677, CK65165 [CD]

HCO87728              Seventeen                                                                            Col CK65165 [CD]

HCO87729              I remember Suzanne                                                            Col 4-44180, CK65165 [CD]

HCO87730              Only the very young                                                             Col CK65165 [CD]



Grandes Voix du Jazz : Mel Torme with orchestra arranged and conducted by Mort Garson : Mel Torme (vcl) acc by orchestra, Mort Garson (arr,cond)

Hollywood, CA, 1966

All that jazz                                                                          CBS/Sony 467147-2 [CD]

Mel Torme with orchestra conducted by Pat Williams : Mel Torme (vcl) acc by orchestra, Pat Williams (arr,cond)

New York, October 1, 1966

CO90316                 Paris smiles                                                                         Col 4-43872, CK65165 [CD]

CO90317                 The Christmas song [Chestnuts roasting on an open fire]

4-45283, -                     , CK53779 [CD]



Mel Torme acc by Woody Herman and The Swingin' Herd : Mel Torme (vcl,d-1) acc by Marvin Stamm, Bill Chase, Lyn Biviano, Bill Byrne (tp) Jerry Collins, Carl Fontana,

Henry Southall (tb) Bob Pierson, Lou Orenstein, Sal Nistico (ts) Tom Anastas (bar) Nat Pierce (p) Tony Leonardi (b) Ronnie Zito (d)

Live "Basin Street East", New York, October 29, 1966

Four brothers (inst,1)                                                            Stash ST-CD-4 [CD]

Lonely girl                                                                                   -

Bluesette                                                                                     -


Mel Torme (vcl) with unknown acc

Hollywood, CA, November 17, 1967

HC095359               Lima Lady                                                                           Col 4-44399

HC095360               Wait until dark                                                                          -


Mel Torme (vcl) with unknown studio orchestra

Hollywood, CA, c. 1968

That face (interpolating)                                                       Stash ST-CD-4 [CD]

Look at that face                                                                          -


A day  in the life of Bonnie and Clyde : Mel Torme (vcl) acc by Buddy Childers (tp) Frank Rosolino (tb) Georgie Auld, Dave Pell (sax) John Audino, Bill Green (unknown inst)

Gene DiNovi (p,org) Mike Deasy, Herb Ellis, Barney Kessel (g) Ray Pohlman (b) John Cyr (d) Frank Capp (perc) Lincoln Mayorga (arr,cond)

Hollywood, CA, February 1, 1968

A day in the life of Bonnie and Clyde                                    Liberty LST7560, Rhino R2-71589 [CD]

Brother, can you spare a dime ?                                                      -

Button up your overcoat                                                                  -

Annie doesn't live here anymore                                                      -

I found a million dollar baby                                                             -

I concentrate on you                                                                       -

The music goes 'round and around                                                   -

We're in the money                                                                         -

Little white lies                                                                               -

With plenty of money and you                                                         -

You're the cream in my coffee                                                        -

Cab driver                                                                                      -


Mel Torme (vcl) acc by orchestra, Ernie Freeman (arr)

Hollywood, CA, April 27, 1969

HC094782               Lover's roulette                                                                    Col 4-44180

Live at the Maisonette : Mel Torme acc by Al Porcino and his Orchestra : Mel Torme (vcl,p-1) acc by orchestra, Al Porcino (dir)

Live "The Maisonette Room, St. Regis Hotel", New York, September, 1974

30207                      Introduction                                                                         Atl SD18129

30208                      Jet set                                                                                      -

30209                      What are you doing the rest of your life ?                                   -             , Rhino R2-71589 [CD]

30210                      Mountain greenery                                                                    -             , 3278

30211                      It takes too long to learn to live alone                                         -             , 3278

30212                      Route 66                                                                                  -

30213                      (Gershwin medley :)                                                             Atl SD18129, Rhino R2-71589 [CD]

I got rhythm                                                                     -                       -

Mine                                                                                -                       -

Do-do-do                                                                         -                       -

'S wonderful                                                                     -                       -

Embraceable you                                                              -                       -

Love walked in                                                                 -                       -

Love is here to stay                                                          -                       -

Oh ! Lady, be good                                                           -                       -

A foggy day                                                                     -                       -

How long has this been going on ? (1)                                -                       -

Oh Bess, oh where's my Bess ? (1)                                   -                       -

Who cares ? [So long as you care for me]                          -                       -

Love is sweeping the country                                            -                       -

Of thee I sing                                                                   -                       -

Swanee                                                                            -                       -

Strike up the band                                                             -                       -

I'll build a stairway to paradise                                           -                       -

.  .

30214                      Superstition                                                                              -

30215                      The party's over                                                                       -



Torme - A new album : Mel Torme acc by the Chris Gunning Orchestra : Mel Torme (vcl) acc by pers including : Phil Woods (as) Gordon Beck, Barry Miles (keyboards) Vic

Juris (g) Brian Hodges (el-b) Terry Silverlight (d,perc) + symphony orchestra, Chris Gunning (cond)

London, England, June, 1977

All in love is fair                                        Gryphon G-916, Bellaphon (G)KICJ-128 [CD]

The first time ever I saw your face                                                    -                         -

New York state of mind                                                                    -                         -

Stars                                                                                                -                         -

Send in the clowns                                                                            -                         -

Ordinary fool                                                                                    -                         -

(Medley :)                                                                                        -                         -

When the world was young                                                       -                         -

Yesterday when I was young                                                    -                         -

Bye bye, blackbird                                                                            -                         -

It's too late                                                                                                                 -

Never look back                                                                                                         -

Charade                                                                                                                     -

Like a lover      



Together again for the First time : Mel Torme with Buddy Rich and the Killer Force : Mel Torme (vcl,arr) acc by Chuck Schmidt, Dean Pratt, John Marshall, Dave Kennedy

(tp) John Mosca, Dale Kirkland (tb) David Boyle (b-tb) Tony Price (tu) Andy Fusco (as,    Chuck Wilson (as,sop,    Phil Woods (as-1) added, Steve Marcus (ts,sop) Gary Pribek (ts)

Greg Smith (bar) poss. Barry Kiener (p) Hank Jones (p-2) replaces Kiener, Tom Warrington (el-b) Buddy Rich (d)

New York, January 25, 1978

When I found you (mt arr)                                                    Century CRDD1100, BBC (E)CJCD833 [CD]

(Medley :) (*)                                                                                  -                          -

Soon it's gonna rain (mt arr,1)                                                   -                          -

Here's that rainy day (mt arr,1)                                                 -                          -

Blues in the night (mt arr)                                                                 -                          -

Bluesette (mt arr,2)                                                                          -                          -                          , Gryphon C784

You are the sunshine of my life (mt arr,2)                                          -                          -

I won't last a day without you (mt arr,2)                                            -                          -

Oh ! Lady, be good (mt arr,2,#)                                                        -                          -


Mel Torme and Friends : Mel Torme (vcl,p) acc by Gerry Mulligan (bar-1) Mike Renzi (p) Rufus Reid, Jay Leonhart (b) Dapper Donny Osborne (d) Jonathan Schwartz, Cy

Coleman (vcl) Janis Ian (vcl,g)

Live "Marty's", New York, June 12/13 & August 26/27, 1980, June 12, 1980

Let's take a walk around the block (#)                                   Finesse W2X37484, Jazz Heritage 523166K [CD]

New York state of mind (#)                                                             -                                      -

When the world was young (#)                                                        -                                      -

Pick yourself up (*,#)                                                                      -                                      -

Silly habits   i vcl,mt out,#)                                                               -                                      -

Mountain greenery                                                                          -                                      -

A cottage for sale                                                                           -                                      -

Take a letter Miss Jones                                                                  -                                      -

Real thing (1)                                                                                  -                                      -

(Medley :)                                                                                       -                                      -

Line for Lyons (1)                                                                   -                                      -

Venus de Milo (1)                                                                   -                                      -

Walkin' shoes (1)                                                                    -                                      -

(Medley :) (#)                                                                                 -                                      -

Watch what happens                                                               -                                      -

Fly me to the moon                                                                  -                                      -

You and the night and the music                                               -                                      -

Shakin' the blues away                                                            -                                      -

Isn't it romantic ? (#)                                                                       -                                      -

(Porgy and Bess Medley :) (#)                                                         -                                      -

Summertime                                                                           -                                      -

They pass by singin'                                                                -                                      -

I got plenty o' nuttin'                                                                -                                      -

It take a long pull to get there                                                   -                                      -

It ain't necessarily so                                                               -                                      -

Strawberry woman                                                                  -                                      -

Oh Bess, oh where's my Bess ?                                               -                                      -

Bess, you is my woman now                                                    -                                      -

.The folks who live on the hill (#)                                                      -                                      -

Chase me Charlie (#)                                                                      -                                      -

The best is yet to come (mt,cc vcl,*)                                                -                                      -

Isn't it a pity ?                                                                                 -                                      -

Wave                                                                                             -                                      -

I guess I'll have to change my plan (mt,js vcl)                                    -                                      -

Love for sale

                                                                                 -                                      -


Encore at Marty’s  New York : Mel Torme (vcl) acc by Mike Renzi (p) Jay Leonhart (b) Dapper Donny Osborne (d)

Live "Marty's", New York, March 27, 1982

Lulu's back in town                                                              Flair PG8200, Jazz Door 12103 [CD]

Looking at you                                                                            -                            -

That face                                                                                   -                            -

I'm gonna miss you                                                                     -                            -

(Medley :) A tribute to Fred Astaire                                             -                            -

What are you doing the rest of your life ?                                     -                            -

Too close for comfort                                                                                               -

Sophisticated lady                                                                       -                            -

Stormy weather                                                                                                       -

When the sun comes out                                                             -                            -

Autumn leaves                                                                           -                            -

The folks who live on the hill                                                                                     -

Pieces of dreams (*)                                                                   -

I like to recognize the tune                                                           -                            -

Day in, day out                                                                           -                            -

Watch what happens                                                                  -                            -




An evening   at Charlie's : Mel Torme/George Shearing : Mel Torme (vcl) acc by George Shearing (p) Don Thompson (b) Dapper Donny Osborne (d)

Live "Charlie's", Georgetown, Washington, D.C., October, 1983

(Medley :)                                                                            Concord Jazz CJ248, CCD-4248 [CD]

Just one of those things                                                                    -           -

On Green Dolphin Street                                                                  -           -

Dream dancing                                                                                        -           -                      , CJ278

I'm hip                                                                                                     -           -

Then I'll be tired of you                                                                            -           -

(Medley :)                                                                                               -           -

Caught in the middle of my years                                                      -           -

Welcome to the club                                                                        -           -

Nica's dream                                                                                           -           -

Chase me Charlie                                                                                    -           -

Love is just around the corner                                                                   -           -                      , CDD2-4871-2 [CD]


An elegant evening   : Mel Torme (vcl) acc by George Shearing (p)

San Francisco, CA, May, 1985

I'll be seeing you (*)                                                             Concord Jazz CJ294, CCD-4294 [CD], CCD4790-2 [CD]

(Moon medley :)                                                                                      -           -

Love and the moon                                                                          -           -

Oh ! you crazy moon                                                                        -           -

No moon at all                                                                                 -           -

After the waltz is over                                                                              -           -                      , CCD4790-2 [CD]

This time the dream's on me                                                                     -           -                      , CCD2-4871-2 [CD]

Last night when we were young (#)                                                          -           -

You changed my life                                                                                -           -

(Dream medley :)                                                                                     -           -

I had the craziest dream                                                                   -           -

Darn that dream                                                                              -           -

Brigg fair                                                                                                 -           -

My foolish heart                                                                                       -           -                      , CCD4790-2 [CD]
You're driving me crazy                                                                           



Mel Torme (vcl) acc by Mike Renzi (p) Jay Leonhart (b) Dapper Donny Osborne (d)

WNEW broadcast, New York Tonight, Live "Park Ten", New York, September 19, 1985

Theme from Arthur [Best that you can do]                            Rhino R2-71589 [CD]


Mel Torme with Rob McConnell and the Boss Brass : Mel Torme (vcl) acc by Arnie Chycoski, Erich Traugott, Guido Basso, Dave Woods, John MacLeod (tp) Ian McDougall,

Bob Livingston, Dave McMurdo, Ron Hughes (tb) Rob McConnell (v-tb) George Stimpson, James MacDonald (      Moe Koffman, Jerry Toth, Eugene Amaro, Rick Wilkins, Bob

Leonard (reeds) Jimmy Dale (p) Ed Bickert (g) Steve Wallace (b) Jerry Fuller (d) Brian Leonard (perc)

Toronto, Canada, May 20, 1986

Just friends (*)                                                                     Concord Jazz CJ306, CCD4306 [CD], CCD2-4871-2 [CD]

September song                                                                                       -           -

Don't 'cha go 'way mad                                                                            -           -                      , CCD2-4871-2 [CD]

A house is not a home                                                                              -           -                      , CCD4790-2 [CD]

The song is you                                                                                        -           -

Cow cow boogie                                                                                      -           -

(Medley :)                                                                                               -           -

A handful of stars                                                                            -           -

Stars fell on Alabama                                                                       -           -

(Duke Ellington medley :)                                                                         -           -

It don't mean a thing (inst)                                                                -           -

Do nothin' till you hear from me                                                        -           -

Mood indigo                                                                                     -           -

Take the "A" train                                                                            -           -

Sophisticated lady                                                                            -           -

Satin doll                                                                                         -           - -           -


A Vintage   Year : Mel Torme/George Shearing : Mel Torme (vcl) acc by George Shearing (p) John Leitham (b) Dapper Donny Osborne (d)

Live "Paul Mason Mountain Winery", Saratoga, CA, August, 1987

(Medley :)                                                                            Concord Jazz CJ341, CCD4341 [CD]

Whisper not                                                                              -                  -

Love me or leave me                                                                -                  -

Out of this world                                                                               -                  -

Someday I'll find you                                                                         -                  -

The midnight sun                                                                              -                  -

(New York, New York medley including intro :) (*)                            -                  -                      , CCD2-4871-2 [CD]

For me and my gal (*)                                                               -                  -                        -

Mack the knife (*)                                                                    -                  -                        -

Birth of the blues (*)                                                                 -                  -                        -

Send a little love my way (*)                                                     -                  -                        -

How high the moon (*)                                                             -                  -                        -

New York, New York (*)                                                         -                  -                        -

Folks who live on the hill                                                                                       -

Bittersweet                                                                                                          -

Since I fell for you                                                                            -                  -

The way you look tonight                                                                  -                  -

(Medley :)                                                                                        -                  -

Anyone can whistle                                                                  -                  -

A tune for humming                                                                  -                  -

When Sunny gets blue                                                                       -                  -

Little man you've had a busy day                                                       -                  -


Reunion :Mel Torme and the Marty Paich Dektette : Mel Torme (vcl) acc by Jack Sheldon, Warren Luening (tp) Lew McCreary (tb) Bob Enevoldsen (b-tb) Jim Self (tu) Gary

Foster (as) Ken Peplowski (ts) Bob Efford (bar) Pete Jolly (p,el-p) Chuck Berghofer (b) Jeff Hamilton (d) Joe Porcaro, Efrain Toro (perc) Marty Paich (arr,cond)

Hollywood, CA, August, 1988

Sweet Georgia Brown (*)                                                     Concord Jazz CJ360, CCD4360 [CD], CCD2-4871-2 [CD]

(Medley :)                                                                                               -           -

When you wish upon a star                                                               -           -

I'm wishing                                                                                      -           -

Walk between raindrops                                                                           -           -

(Bossa nova potpourri :)                                                                           -           -

The gift [Recado bossa nova]                                                           -           -

One note samba                                                                               -           -

How insensitive                                                                               -           -

(Medley :)                                                                                               -           -

The trolley song                                                                               -           -

Get me to the church on time                                                            -           -

More than you know                                                                                -           -                      , CCD4790-2 [CD]

The goodbye look                                                                                     -           -

The blues                                                                                                -           -

(Medley :)                                                                                               -           -

For whom the bells tolls                                                                    -           -

Spain [I can recall]                                                                           -           -



In concert Tokyo : Mel Torme and the Marty Paich Dektette : Mel Torme (vcl) acc by Jack Sheldon, Warren Luening (tp) Dan Barrett (tb) Bob Enevoldsen (v-tb) Jim Self (tu)

Gary Foster (as) Ken Peplowski (ts,cl) Bob Efford (bar) Allen Farnham (p) Chuck Berghofer (b) John Von Ohlen (d) Mel Torme (d-1) Marty Paich (arr,cond)

Concert "Kan-i Hoken Hall", Tokyo, Japan, December 11, 1988

It don't mean a thing                                                             Concord Jazz CJ382, CCD-4382 [CD]

Sweet Georgia Brown                                                                              -              -

Just in time                                                                                              -              -

When the sun comes out                                                                          -              -

The carioca                                                                                             -              -                   , CCD2-4871-2 [CD]

More than you know                                                                                -              -

Too close for comfort (*)                                                                         -              -                   , CCD2-4871-2 [CD]

The city                                                                                                   -              -

Bossa-nova potpourri                                                                               -              -

On the street where you live                                                                     -              -

Cotton tail (1)                                                                                          -              -

It don't mean a thing (reprise)                                                                   -              -

The Christmas song                                                              Concord Jazz CCD-4720 [CD]


Night at the Concord Pavillon : Mel Torme (vcl) acc by John Campbell (p) Bob Maize (b) Dapper Donny Osborne (d)

Live "Concord Jazz Festival", Concord, CA, August 17, 1990

(Medley :)                                                                            Concord Jazz CCD4433 [CD]

Sing for your supper                                                                         -

Sing, sing, sing                                                                                 -

Sing [Sing a song]                                                                            -

You make me feel so young                                                                     -

Early autumn                                                                                           -

(Guys and dolls medley :)                                                                          -

Guys and dolls                                                                                 -

Fugue for tinhorns                                                                            -

The oldest established                                                                      -

If I were a bell                                                                                 -

My time of the day                                                                           -

I've never been in love before                                                           -

Sit down you're rockin' the boat                                                        -

Luck be a lady                                                                                 -

(Medley :)                                                                                               -

I could have told you                                                                        -

Losing my mind                                                                               -

Deep in a dream                                                                              -

Goin' out of my head                                                                        -

Too darn hot                                                                                            -

Day in, day out                                                                                        -                       , CCD2-4871-2 [CD]


Harry "Sweets" Edison (tp) Ray Brown (tp) Pete Minger (tp) Joe Newman (tp) Al Grey (tb) Grover Mitchell (tb) Benny Powell (tb) Curtis Peagler (as) Marshal Royal (as) Frank

Wess (ts) Billy Mitchell (ts) Bill Ramsay (bar) Ted Dunbar (g) added

Live "Concord Jazz Festival", Concord, CA, August 17, 1990

Down for double                                                                  Concord Jazz CCD4433 [CD]

You're driving me crazy [What did I do?] (*)                                             -                       , CCD2-4871-2 [CD]

Sent for you yesterday                                                                             -



Mel & George "Do" World War II : Mel Torme/George Shearing : Mel Torme (vcl) acc by George Shearing (p) Neil Swainson (b) Dapper Donny Osborne (d)

Live, (*) Saratoga, CA, September 2 & 3, 1990

Lili Marlene                                                                         Concord Jazz CCD-4471 [CD]

I've heard that song before                                                                       -

I know why                                                                                             -

Love                                                                                                       -

Aren't you glad you're you ?                                                                     -

(Ellington medley :)                                                                                  -                        , CCD2-4871-2 [CD]

Cotton tail                                                                                        -                        , CCD2-4871-2 [CD]

I didn't know about you                                                                    -                        , CCD2-4871-2 [CD]

Don't get around much anymore                                                       -                        , CCD2-4871-2 [CD]

I'm beginning to see the light                                                             -                        , CCD2-4871-2 [CD]

(Walk medley :)                                                                                       -

I don't want to walk without you, baby                                               -

I'll walk alone                                                                                  -

I could write a book                                                                                 -

A lovely way to spend an evening                                                             -                        , CCD2-4871-2 [CD]

(Medley :)                                                                                               -

On the swing shift                                                                            -

The five o'clock whistle                                                                    -

Ac-cent-tchu-ate the positive                                                                    -

This is the army Mister Jones                                                                   -

We mustn’t say goodbye                                      -

The Figitsu-Concord Jazz Festival in Ja'an '90 : Mel Torme (vcl) acc by Frank Wess (ts-1) John Campbell (p) Bob Maize (b) Dapper Donny Osborne (d)

Live "The   Fugitsu-Concord Jazz Festival", Tokyo, Japan, November 11, 1990

A shine on your shoes                                                          Concord Jazz CCD-4481 [CD]

(Medley :)                                                                                                -

Looking at you (bm,do out)                                                              -

Look at that face                                                                              -

A nightingale sang in Berkeley Square                                                       -

Wave                                                                                                       -

Stardust (1,#)                                                                                           -

(Medley :)                                                                                                -

Don't 'cha go 'way mad                                                                    -

Come to baby, do                                                                            -

(Medley :)                                                                                                -                          , CCD2-4871-2 [CD]

The Christmas song (bm,do out,*)                                                    -                            -

Autumn leaves                                                                                  -                            -

New York state of mind                                                                           -



Mel Torme   with the Frank Wess Orchestra : Snooky Young (tp) Ron Tooley (tp) Pete Minger (tp) Joe Newman (tp) Art Baron (tb) Grover Mitchell (tb) Dennis Wilson (tb

Douglas Purviance (tb) Curtis Peagler (as) Bill Ramsay (as) Frank Wess (ts) Billy Mitchell (ts) Arthur "Babe" Clarke (bar) Ted Dunbar (g) added

same date

(Medley :)                                                                           Concord Jazz CCD-4481 [CD]

You're driving me crazy                                                                    -

Moten swing                                                                                    -

Sent for you yesterday                                                                              -                          , CCD2-4871-2 [CD]

Swingin' the blues (1)                                                                              


Nothing   without   you : Mel Torme/Cleo Laine : Mel Torme (vcl,arr) Cleo Laine (vcl) acc by Guy Barker (tp,         Chris Smith (tb,cl) Ray Swinfield (as,cl) Ray Loeckle (ts,   b-cl)

David Roach (ts,    Jamie Talbot (bar,b-cl,cl) John Colianni (p) Larry Koonse (g) John Leitham (b) Dapper Donny Osborne (d) Martyn David (latin perc) Johnny Dankworth (cond,dir,


Hollywood, CA, March 12 & 13, 1991

I'm nothin' without you                                                          Concord Jazz CCD-4515 [CD], CCD2-4871-2 [CD]

I thought about you (*)                                                                             -

Where or when                                                                                        -

I wish I were in love again                                                                        -

Girl talk                                                                                                   -

After you've gone                                                                                    -                        , CCD2-4871-2 [CD]

(Medley :)                                                                                               -

Brazil                                                                                              -

Baia                                                                                                -

Bird song                                                                                                 -

Isn't it a pity ? (mt arr)                                                                             -

Love you madly                                                                                       -

Angel eyes (mt arr)                                                                                  -                        , CCD4790-2 [CD]

(Two tune medley :) (mt arr)                                                                    -

Two tune verse                                                                                -

Sweet Sue, just you                                                                          -

Honeysuckle rose                                                                            -

I may be wrong [But I think you're wonderful]

The nearness of you                                                                         -

There's no you                                                                                 -

Blue moon                                                                                       -

Heart and soul                                                                                 -

Watch what happens                                                                        -

Exactly like you                                                                               -

Take the "A" train                                                                            --            

I found a million dollar baby                                                              -

On the Alamo                                                                                  -

Fly me to the moon                                                                          -

Autumn leaves                                                                                 -

Yesterday when I was young                                                           -

You and the night and the music                                                       -

Sing [Sing a song]                                                                            -

Guilty                                                                                              -

Feelin' groovy [The 59th Street bridge song]

I don't think I'll fall in love today                                                                -

Ev'ry time we say goodbye                                                                       -



Christmas song s : Mel Torme with trio & Cincinnati Sinfonietta : Mel Torme (vcl) acc by John Colianni (p) John Leitham (b) Dapper Donny Osborne (d) + Cincinnati

Sinfonietta, Keith Lockhart (cond)

Music Hall, Cincinnati, Ohio, April 5 & 6, 1992

(Christmas medley :)                                                            Telarc CD-83315 [CD]

Jingle bells                                                                             -

Santa Claus is coming to town                                                -

Winter weather                                                                     -

Winter wonderland                                                                -

Christmas time is here                                                                    -

Good King Wenceslas                                                                    -                        , CD-83352 [CD]



same pers

Cleveland, Ohio, June 19-21, 1992

Sleigh ride                                                                            Telarc CD-83315 [CD]

The Christmas song                                                                       -

Glow worm                                                                                   -

The Christmas feeling                                                                    -

It happened in Sun Valley                                                               -

What child is this ? (inst)                                                                -

Silver bells                                                                                     -

Christmas was made for children                                                    -

The Christmas waltz                                                                      -

(Medley :)                                                                                     -

Just look around                                                                     -

Have yourself a merry little Christmas                                    -

God rest ye merry gentlemen (inst)                                                 -

(Medley :)                                                                                     -

Happy holiday                                                                       -

Let's start the New Year right                                                -

What are you doing New Year's Eve ?                                   -

White Christmas                                                                            -



The    Great American Song Book : Mel Torme (vcl,d-1) acc by Bob Millikan, Ross Konikoff, John Walsh, Frank London (tp) Tom Artin, Timothy Newman (tb) Rich Willey (v-tb)Jack Stuckey (as,   cl) Adam Brenner (as,cl) Jerry Weldon, Jeff Rupert (ts,cl) David Schumacher (bar,b-cl) John Colianni (p,ldr) John Leitham (b) Dapper Donny Osborne (d)

Live "Michael's Pub", New York, October 7 & 8, 1992

You gotta try (inst)                                                               Telarc CD-83328 [CD]

(Medley :)                                                                                     -

Ridin' high                                                                             -

I'm shooting high                                                                    -

You make me feel so young                                                           -

Stardust                                                                                        -

I'm gonna go fishin'                                                                        -                        , CD-83429 [CD]

(Medley :)                                                                                     -

Don't get around much anymore                                             -

I let a song go out of my heart                                                -

(Medley :)                                                                                     -

Sophisticated lady (mt vcl,jc-p only)                                        -

I didn't know about you (mt,jc,jl,do only)                                  -

Rockin' in rhythm (1)                                                                     -                        , CD-83429 [CD]

It don't mean a thing                                                                      -                        , CD-83429 [CD]

A lovely way to spend an evening (mt,jc,jl,do only)                      ,CD-83471 [CD]

I concentrate on you (mt,jc,jl,do,rk-tp only)                                      -

Autumn in New York                                                                    -

(Medley :)                                                                                     -

Just one of those things                                                          -

On Green Dolphin Street                                                        -

All God's chillun got rhythm                                                            -

The party's over (inst)                                                                    -



Sing,Sing,Sing : Fujitsu presents Mel Torme and his All Star Quintet : Mel Torme (vcl,d-1) acc by Ken Peplowski (cl) Peter Appleyard (vib) John Colianni (p) John Leitham

(b) Dapper Donny Osborne (d)

Live "Kan-i Hoken Hall", Tokyo, Japan, November 14, 1992

Lulu's back in town                                                              Concord Jazz CCD-4542 [CD]

Memories of you                                                                                      -

(Medley :)                                                                                               -

It's all right with me                                                                          -

Love                                                                                               -

These foolish things                                                                                  -                        , CCD2-4871-2 [CD]

("All" medley :)                                                                                        -

All the things you are                                                                       -

All of you                                                                                        -

All of me                                                                                         -

(Tribute to Benny Goodman medley :)                                                       -

Stompin' at the Savoy                                                                       -

Don't be that way                                                                            -

And the angels sing                                                                          -

Gota be this or that                                                                           -

Jersey bounce                                                                                  -

Why don't you do right ?                                                                   -

Air mail special                                                                                -

Avalon                                                                                            -

Sing, sing, sing (1)                                                                            -

Get happy                                                                                                -

Three little words                                                                                     -                         , CCD2-4871-2 [CD]

Guess I'll hang my tears out to dry                                                            -

Lover come back to me (*)                                                                      -

Ev'ry time we say goodbye (#)                                                                 -           


Live at the Playboy Jazz Festival Frank Capp - Drums John Colianni - Piano Mel Tormé - Vocals John Leitham - Bass Roger Neumann - Saxophone
Kevin Anthony - Saxophone Lee Callet - Saxophone Bob Efford - Saxophone Ramon Flores - Trumpet George Graham - Trumpet 
Andy Martin - Trombone Donny Osborne - Drums Tom Ranier - Piano Morris Repass - Trombone Kirk Smith - Bass 
Frank Szabo - Trumpet Lloyd Ulyate - Trombone Ray Anthony Orchestra - Trumpet, Leader 
Wayne Bergeron - Trumpet Bill Tole - Trombone 

1. Opus One performed by Mel Tormé / Ray Anthony - 2:17 
2. Medley: I Had the Craziest Dream/Darn That performed by Mel Tormé / Ray Anthony - 4:52 
3. I'm Gonna Go Fishin' performed by Mel Tormé / Ray Anthony - 3:06 
4. Medley: Sophisticated Lady/I Didn't Know... performed by Mel Tormé / Ray Anthony - 5:25 
5. It Don't Mean a Thing (If It Ain't Got... performed by Mel Tormé / Ray Anthony - 5:29 
6. Medley: Stompin' at the Savoy/Don't Be... performed by Mel Tormé / Ray Anthony - 14:38 

2002 CD Playboy Jazz 7508





A tribute to BingCrosb   : Mel Torme (vcl,arr) acc by Ken Peplowski (cl,ts) Randy Sandke (ts,         John Colianni (p) Howard Alden (g) John Leitham (b) Dapper Donny Osborne

(d) Bob Krogstad, Angela Morley (arr) + 20 piece string orchestra : Murray Adler, Israel Baker, Robert Brosseau, Bobby Bruce, Russ Cantor, Maurice Dicterow, Bonnie Douglas,

James Getzoff, Endre Granat, Gina Kronstadt, Paul Shure, John Wittenberg, Tibor Zelig (vln) Carole Mukogawa, Marilyn Baker, Jorge Moraga, Helaine Wittenberg (viola) Fred

Seykora, Jodi Burnett, Paula Hochhalter, Ray Kramer (cello)

Hollywood, CA, May 12, 13, 16 & 17, 1994

(Medley :)                                                                            Concord Jazz CCD-4614 [CD]

This is my night to dream                                                                  -                        , CCD4790-2 [CD]

It must be true                                                                                 -                        , CCD4790-2 [CD]

Moonlight becomes you                                                                            -                        , CCD4790-2 [CD]

I can't escape from you                                                                            -

With every breath I take                                                                           -

A man and his dream                                                                               -

Without a word of warning                                                                       -

May I ?                                                                                                   -

Please                                                                                                     -

Thanks                                                                                                    -

Don't let that moon get away                                                                    -

Soon                                                                                                       -

(Medley :) (*)                                                                                          -

It's easy to remember (*)                                                                 -

Adios (*)                                                                                         -

Love in bloom                                                                                          -

The day you came along                                                                           -

Pennies from Heaven                                                -                        , CCD2-4871-2 [CD]

Learn to croon                                                                                         -


Velvet & brass : Mel Torme with Rob McConnell and the Boss Brass : Mel Torme (vcl) acc by Arnie Chycoski (tp,         Steve McDade (tp) John MacLeod, Guido Basso,

Kevin Turcotte (tp,         Rob McConnell (v-tb) Alastair Kay, Bob Livingston, Jerry Johnson (tb) Ernie Pattison (b-tb) Gary Pattison, James MacDonald (      Moe Koffman, John

Johnson (   cl,sop,as) Alex Dean (   cl,ts) Rick Wilkins (cl,ts) Bob Leonard (   cl,b-cl,bar) David Restivo (p) Reg Schwager (g) Jim Vivian (b) Ted Warren (d) Brian Leonard (perc-1)

Toronto, July 5 & 6, 1995 & Hollywood, CA, July 13, 1995

Nobody else but me                                                              Concord Jazz CCD-4667 [CD]

Liza [All the clouds'll roll away] (#)                                                           -                        , CCD2-4871-2 [CD]

If you could see me now                                                                          -                        , CCD4790-2 [CD]

I get a kick out of you (1,*)                                                                       -                        , CCD2-4871-2 [CD]

Have you met Miss Jones ? (+)                                                                -

Love walked in                                                                                        -

Autumn serenade (1)                                                                               -

My sweetie went away                                                                            -

I'll be around                                                                                            -                        , CCD4790-2 [CD]

On the swing shift                                                                                    -

High and low                                                                                           -

In the still of the night (1)                                                                          -

I'm glad there is you (1)                                                                            -


An Evening with Mel Torme : Mel Torme (vcl) acc by Mike Renzi (p) John Leitham (b) Dapper Donny Osborne (d)

Disney Institute, Orlando, Florida, July 23, 1996

(Medley :)                                                                            Concord Jazz CCD-4736 [CD]

Just one of those things                                                                    -

On Green Dolphin Street                                                                  -

You make me feel so young                                                                     -

A nightingale sang in Berkeley Square                                                       -

Pick yourself up (#)                                                                                 -

Stardust                                                                                                   -

Love for sale                                                                                           -

Since I fell for you                                                                                   -

(Medley :)                                                                                               -

Three little words                                                                             -

Slipped disc                                                                                     -

A smo-o-oth one                                                                              -

Rachel's dream                                                                                -

(Medley :)                                                                                               -

I remember you                                                                               -

It's easy to remember                                                                       -

Lover come back to me                                                                            -

Stairway to the stars                                                                                -                        , CCD2-4871-2 [CD]

Oh ! Lady, be good                                                                                  -

Ev'ry time we say goodbye (*)